The language of the senses – VAKOG test

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The first weekend of the Integrity NLP practitioner course here in Newcastle has passed and it was a great success. If you are thinking about doing a NLP Practitioner Newcastle is well situated so you can come from Scotland and the Midlands easily and the next NLP Practitioner begins in September 2008.

One of the concepts we introduce is the second NLP ‘model’ and that is representational systems. or commonly described as VAKOG, nope thats not a Norwegian cuss word its nlp jargon for our five senses ( I know, there are much finer distinctions to be made )

Here is a free download of a ‘VAKOG’ questionnaire or self test to download and play with. Do remember these ‘assessments’ are transitory and please do avoid labeling and disabling yourself as Visual or Kinesthetic, you use all of your available senses. You use all of your available senses.

click here to get the pdf

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