the Meta Model Easier Made – Part 10

Breath in and relax – no seriously, take a relaxing breath or two. Relaxing means your changing your state and changing your state is good. If you are experiencing any run up to Christmas pressures you are no doubt going to deal with them in your own unique ways.

I had a shopping experience recently, I was in Newcastle city center and intended purchasing some electrical item. The electrical dealers on Northumberland street seemed the place to go. The assistants were busy talking to themselves about Christmas parties and the like and not at all assisting customers. Trained Baboons would have certainly been more amusing and equally as helpful, I waited about seven minutes and then left, no wonder shop sales are declining – no apparent customer care. The so called service was shit so I left that shop to purchase elsewhere and after one or two more disappointing shopping experiences and a phone call to alas a call centre where I could not make head nor tail of some foreign heavily accented attempted at English it meant I was much better off purchasing online.

the Meta Model essentially does two things when used ‘as intended’

  1. It assist stuck clients to change – Therapeutic
  2. It gets high quality information – Business / Pleasure / Therapeutic

Our NLP Practitioner course beginning in January 2008 and the current Integrity NLP Practitioner in Newcastle will uncover the Meta Model and those who are on our next Newcastle Hypnotherapy course will leave with a well grounded and practical knowledge of applying this process therapeutically.

Additionally the NLP Cafe, a structured, Newcastle NLP Practice group will be open for its first event on Wednesday 12th December 7-9pm.
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Just listen to yourself, relating even more fully with your clients whilst still operating effectively at a process level. If you are in any therapeutic field like the many complementary therapies or thinking of taking up your calling, you could take our Newcastle hypnotherapy course – it will help your communications during therapy be better and easier and faster as something evolves between parties. Learn to develop that hypnotic voice.

See, the more you look into this noticing that these Meta Model interventions are a set of specific verbal responses to a set of very specific words and phrases. Its really easy, so, not so surprisingly ‘clients’ and people are using them all the time, Look take note, its easy to say and do, just like bright learning, your seeing language in a new way…

the Art of Applied NLP is when and in what contexts to apply these specific verbal responses so as not to lose friends and alienate yourself.

The Meta Model – Therapeutic Process (10)

Please note that when you use this ( or any ) process with clients you are at best creating a context where they can change their own situation.

In psychotherapy you change no one. People change themselves. You create circumstances under which an individual can respond spontaneously and change. That’s all you do. The rest is up to them” – Milton Erickson

Now lets get down to doing with just a few examples. The example will take the form of a ‘clients’ verbalisation of a problem and the specific ‘form’ of the Meta Model response for this particular problem – got the picture already?

Notice there is no requirement to know the labels for these ‘responses’.

One thing that really is worth keeping in mind if you choose to practice recognising from and responding to in this way to others ( or your self ) –
do do it respectfully and with rapport!

The ‘problems’ or stuck states statements are presented in RED and the verbal responses in GREEN

Christmas shopping means you will get stressed.

Have you every been stressed and not been Christmas shopping?
Have you ever been Christmas shopping and not been stressed?
Are you saying if you don’t get stressed you can’t go Christmas shopping?

You saying that you will try to behave differently is the same as you saying that you will fail.

Have you ever tried something and succeeded?
So your saying that it is not possible to try something and not fail?
Have you ever failed and not tried?
It sounds like your actually saying failure is equal to trying, is this correct?

Her speaking that way means she is trying it on!

Could she be trying it on and speak any other way?
Can you imagine her speaking that way and not trying it on?
Her speaking that way means she has just been to the dentist you bozo!

Doing lots of courses is the same as learning lots

Could you, do lots of courses and learn very little?
Are you suggesting that learning lots is only possible by doing lots of courses?
Doing lots of courses means you are a course junkie and you just need to practice.

Not smiling at her is not helpful to the relationship

So your saying smiling is the ONLY way to help the relationship?
Have you ever helped the relationship and not smiled?
Your smiling now. How is that helping that relationship?

All of the above ‘interventions‘ take the form of a response to recognising a statement of the form where one ‘thing’ is said or shown to equal of be the same as another thing. Where the two things are intrinsically different.

A is B
A means B
A and B
A equals B

to unplat, unweave and detangle the ‘things’ apart, you use questions, statements or provocative responses to sepperate the ‘things’. This can be done in a variety of ways

  • Are you saying that the only way to B is to A
  • Has there EVER been a time when A and NOT B
  • No, A means C and B means X


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