the Meta Model Easier Made – Part 11

Two people were talking about buying Christmas presents, in a coffee shop in Newcastle. was there sitting chatting with Andy about our upcoming Master Practitioner course in 2008. The couple opposite us were really enjoying their Costa Massimo, quite literally a basin of coffee, imagine that. My phone went so I excused myself from the planning and answered. The phone call was made by someone requiring some help with a phobia. The were talking and they said “… yes I have had it for several years now and you know how you cant stop yourself” It was at that juncture that I said “hold on, you just said that I cant stop myself I presume you mean ‘you’ not ‘me'”. After arranging an appointment I returned to to my conversation with Andy, planning our Master Practitioner and just knew Andy was happy with our progress.

the Meta Model essentially does two things when used ‘as intended’

  1. It assist stuck clients to change – Therapeutic
  2. It gets high quality information – Business / Pleasure / Therapeutic

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Our NLP Practitioner course beginning in January 2008 and the current Integrity NLP Practitioner in Newcastle will uncover the Meta Model and those who are on our next Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy training will leave with a well grounded and practical knowledge of applying this process therapeutically.

How good would it feel to be relating even more fully with your clients whilst still operating as an effective therapist. If you are in any therapeutic field like the many complementary therapies or thinking of expanding your skills, you could take our Newcastle clinical hypnotherapy course – it will help your communications during therapy be better, easier and faster as your incorporating new skills.

Hold on, the more you feel your getting to grips with these Meta Model interventions are a set of specific verbal responses to a set of very specific words and phrases. Its really easy, so, not so surprisingly ‘clients’ and people are using them all the time, take note, its easy to say and do, just like your full and complete learning, your getting language in a new way…

the Art of Applied NLP is when and in what contexts to apply these specific verbal responses so as not to lose friends and alienate yourself.

The Meta Model – Therapeutic Process (11)

Please note that when you use this ( or any ) process with clients you are at best creating a context where they can change their own situation.

In psychotherapy you change no one. People change themselves. You create circumstances under which an individual can respond spontaneously and change. That’s all you do. The rest is up to them” – Milton Erickson

Now lets get down to doing with just a few examples. The example will take the form of a ‘clients’ verbalisation of a problem and the specific ‘form’ of the Meta Model response for this particular problem – got the picture already?

Notice there is no requirement to know the labels for these ‘responses’.

One thing that really is worth keeping in mind if you choose to practice recognising from and responding to in this way to others ( or your self ) –
do do it respectfully and with rapport!

The ‘problems’ or stuck states statements are presented in RED and the verbal responses in GREEN

I know your going to tell me to Susshhh but this is a really good idea

Are you claiming to be able to read my mind?
And how do you know what I am going to say?

I could tell that most people there thought it was plain crazy to have such an outburst!

How do you know what people thought?
And the ones that didn’t – what specifically were they thinking?
Wow! Now that is a skills! What am I thinking right now?

Each time he talks he never takes my feelings into account

How do you know that?
Are you certain this is true when you are not there?
How would he know what feelings to account for?

Oh I know, you think its great to be confused.

You mean your self when you say you right?
Wow second time in a row. You are reading my mind. I am going to right some thoughts down on paper and your going to tell me what they are, and in what sequence.
You are absolutely correct, 100%.
How do you know what you think I think?

Its obvious they all thought it was really appropriate behavior.

Cool, not only can you read minds and thoughts, you can do it to groups!
Are you saying you interpreted group responses and evaluated that as ‘appropriate behavior’ in that particular setting.
While you there, as it were, what were they all feeling?

All of the above ‘interventions‘ take the form of a response to recognising a persons claim that they have knowledge about someone elses thoughts or state. Sure, this could be possible, its know as empathy or telepathy or deep second position modelling. Here are some questions to check.

  • How do you know that?
  • You are claiming to know someone else’s thoughts – explain that.
  • You are claiming to know how someone else feels – how do you do that?
  • Do you mean your interpretation is …


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