Tips for Surviving Christmas

Here are the first two of a series of tips that if you do them right will not only get you through Christmas smiling but the new year aswell! These really are simple applied NLP processes.

Tip number one

A good few years ago I stopped associating with a certain group of people. I found them really negative and very habitualised to what they ( and anyone else ) aught to do and accept in life. I found even short exposure to these people increasingly depressing and draining of positive energy. Life really can be what you make it.

Choose you friends well! There is nothing worse than spending time with the terminally negative. For these people everything is sorted into the bad category and guess what like horse dung it sticks! Let these people chew their own legs. Lose the negative people you called friends from your own life. If what you have been doing ain’t working dump the chumps! Share your time with positive and excellent people as much as you can. Notice the difference!

Tip number two

When I used to work offshore there was a genuine constant pressure to perform well. The environment was potentially very dangerous; North Sea, Radioactive sources and very heavy drilling equipment. Being in a good state, alert, energetic. My boss at the time Marty told me he listened to music before a shift to put him in the ‘right state of mind’. Coming from a man who had spent many years running a very safe shift this seems a great tip for success.

When driving or commuting two and from your place of work listen to music or recordings that you genuinely find pleasurable, fun and honestly entertaining. It doesn’t have to be music, it could be comedy or drama. Your looking for whatever floats yer boat and puts you in a right good state. This is of course the lazy persons way of anchoring a good state. Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least give it a go?

best wishes

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