Trouble Sleeping? EFT for Better Sleep

Hi my name is Nigel Hetherington. In my professional work as a clinical hypnotherapist in Newcastle, Hexham and the North East I meet many clients who have trouble sleeping. They have usually tried a great many ways and things to get better sleep and have now turned to hypnosis.

If you are one of the people who don’t manage to get a good nights sleep on a regular basis then here is something for you to try.

In addition to clinical hypnosis I have used this simple technique EFT with a variety of clients who had sleeping problems. In many cases EFT on its own can prove incredible effective. So before you even consider exploring hypnosis – please do try this on you own. It is 100% drug free and it is free so it costs you nothing.

Give it a go and get a much better nights sleep. What have you got to lose? Nothing.

What could you gain? A much better nights sleep .. now .. imagine what that will be like.


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