Words and Realities – Part 1 – Description, Interpretation, Evaluation

The way we can deliberetely use words to communicate both meaning and experience is one of the underlying principles of really effective communication.

IntegrityNLP and Communicating Excellence place specific emphasis on both the semantic ( meaning ) and syntactic ( structure ) of words on our Newcastle upon Tyne Clinical Hypnotherapy and Newcastle upon Tyne Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings and our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses here in Newcastle and the North East of England.

whilst scouting through my in-box I notice one or two junky spam emails get in. That’s OK, even a well trained spam filter sometimes gets it wrong, it just needs more experience to build a better model that traps more and more spam.

sometimes you just have to take a look at something that catches your attention, in-between the catchy titles of HoraceThumpingBodyPart and RachelWhoppingShlong I saw a title ‘Therapist, Discover Dolphin Power

well, I thought this may be some ‘ecological’ washing powder, specifically marketed at therapists but it wasn’t! For a price, a ridiculously large price, I could attend a weekend course that would ‘teach me’ to tap into and channel not one but several energy levels of entropic ( yes entropic! ) dolphin energy. The secret technique would ‘show me’ how to align my energy centres so I could channel Red, Green and Blue to produce effects in others and myself. After attending that training I ‘could be told’ how to attune to the other spectra of dolphin energy.

Now I love a good story and this is a scream. The advert ( aimed at the hard of thinking I should think ) uses a great deal of words that defy descriptions such that interpretation is required.

Fortunately for me, I have had the experience of swimming with our aqua-cousins and while this is so amazing it refutes words, I was not transported to either the Red, Green or Blue energy plains at that time.

So what is all this prelude to, you ask? good question!

the understanding of the differences between Description, Interpretation and Evaluation are so worth knowing it cant be overstated so

You need to know some of the differences between Description, Interpretation and Evaluation, so here’s the deal.

Sticking to the facts, scientifically rigorous terminology. Can sometimes sound a bit anal, yet there there should be very little ambiguity


400m away from me, to the East, I see what appears to be a person wearing a coat and I can see they have hair. They seem to be carrying something that is the same horizontal length as their upper torso and a vertical length of greater height than them. The frequency of their steps is approximately one step per second. They are walking towards me, the sun light is behind this person.

On Monday January 28th at 11.17am, I received an email, the title being ‘Therapist, Discover Dolphin Power’ the email content being a weekend training course regarding an alternative therapy claiming to be able to utilise aquatic mammals to produce unspecified effects in people.

Ascribing meaning and associations to what is presented


The way the person walks, means they are a man. The positions of the sun looks to me like it is early to late morning. They are no doubt carrying a sack full of potatoes and fir cones. They are about 6′ 6″ and their hair is mousey brown. Walking that way they must have a case of the Chalfont St Giles or even very tight fitting underwear.

Training in Dolphin Power means I will need to check my ‘am I really that gullible’ sense. I am wondering if this is not some joke, disguised in a serious sounding advert. The idea of tapping into and channelling coloured dolphin energy is in the one hand somewhat comical and on the other may be illegal and could warrant contacting the appropriate authorities. Secret techniques and promises of more advanced levels seems to me ( my interpretation ) to really boil down to a rather scummy residue. Making claims about entropic energy means they don’t really understand the word.

Ascribing a net worth, a comparative appraisal, a criteria based comparisson. Often stated as hard fact based on interpretations, evidences and ultimately a conclusion.


Of course! It’s long lost cousin George!

I wont be attending that workshop because it’s really no GOOD to me.


When you are talking or listening, the words you hear and say, in this one particular model, their syntax, their meanings will naturally, during your own unconscious processing of language, fall into ( or across ) these three categories, Description, Interpretation and Evaluation.

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