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Newcastle NLP Training 2023

The kind of attention you give, invest or simply do changes how you see the world and equally the attention you give can change the experience another human experiences and what you experience in return. Newcastle NLP Training 2023 begins in January. One weekend each month, completing in June.

Be active and instrumental in changing your life for the better and those who you are in relationships with. Well being, Peace of mind and mental health are crucial now and much needed in our world. NLP is one way to improve and contribute to a healthier and happier world.

Newcastle NLP Training 2023

We are in 2022 and have seemingly come through the worst of covid and
enduring an ongoing cost of living disaster. Now more than ever is a time
to be able to surf the wave of crisis and thrive.

Do you want to live in a society where people know how to think and learn and have a useful skills and have learned how to care about each other?
– George Lakoff

Well I do and I suspect you do too. NLP Training offers this as well as so much more.

NLP, created in the 70’s is a solid foundation to moving forward to learning hypnotherapy and is one the the decisive technologies that is now recognised and researched to, when applied properly enhances all of ‘you’ and your relationships.

This is in-person experiential training. You learn and embody your skills through
doing and interacting with our fellow students.

One life changing brilliant decision you can make is joining this
NLP Practitioner Training. January 2023 to June 2023 and doing my
best to incorporate our new safe and secure normal there are 12 places for this training.

When you are experiencing many of the anxieties and worries of being stuck
with your life as it is and all the unavoidable problems and frustrations this
will inevitably cause you, don’t you want the skills and mind set to break through,
move around or simply dissolve your current limitations and problems?


Do you want to heighten you communication skills, improve your relationships with others and your self? Imagine how positively different your view of the world will be when you can harness the power of your unconscious instead of over thinking! Its a fact that 98%
of thought is unconscious so it makes sense to connect with the deeper aspects of you.

Making a great decision to join the 2023 NLP Practitioner, you are going to
learn and use the life changing arts and sciences of NLP to propel yourself
into more of the kinds of freedom, securities and life adventures you need.

You will also get the really deep skills of enhancing relationships and connections with your clients, colleagues and friends.

Or you could do a one day ‘practitioner’ with the Knowledge Academy for three thousand pounds. Yep. Or choose to learn and apply NLP with me over 12 days for a fraction of that price.

Life changing, life giving. An amazing journey begun. Love the fact you ( nigel ) are so available between the contact days. Many many thanks.” David Mills

It is astoundingly simple to join the 2023 NLP Practitioner Training. You don’t
require any prior experience in NLP. You do require the juice to want to make
your life better and as a consequence all those people around you. Its easy.

Booking now with only £150 deposit is easy. Get in touch.

If you don’t take this NLP Practitioner Training you will be missing out on some of the most by far useful skills a person can have. For instance, easily recognising when someone is contemptuous of you by their facial features. That’s useful to know right?

Studying NLP you will see with new eyes and hear with new ears the ‘information’ that has always been there, you just didn’t know how to recognise it or what it meant and how you can respectfully use this! Develop and enhance the meaning and value of your life.

Imagine choosing to invest in yourself, your life and aspirations and you are in for a treat, an adventurous transformative journey where you really can use the skills you learn to enhance
your own life. Of course this requires you to fully engage in what is on offer for you.

Just thought I’d write you a note to say thank you. 

I really loved the NLP course last year and the effect its had on me and how I’ve been able to help my clients.
It’s only now that I can see, feel and appreciate the effect that you and my fellow students on the course had,
with the exercises we all did.  In the room, in the moment, I remember thinking – ‘that was good, I wonder if it will make a difference?
I till be great if it did!’  But not really sure if it would, or did.  Now I know the answer – hindsight is a wonderful thing.
What a fabulously rewarding role/job you have helping people have a new perspective on their life and making positive changes.
It’s hard to explain how I feel like I’ve changed, I just know that I have.
It’s so very refreshing and helpful to speak to someone who listens, and helps you understand your perspective,
without making a judgement or inflicting opinion.
I will keep my eye on future courses because I would love to spend more time learning with you.
Please feel free to use this in your marketing, success stories, etc, if its useful.
If you want any more recommendations/testimonials/videos etc I am happy to oblige
.” – Katie Warburton

When I discovered NLP way back in 2001 on an introductory course, it simply spoke to me and soon I could see my life already looking and feeling different.

I had no idea how much satisfaction and happiness this would bring me over the years as I changed careers to do what I love to share and connect.

You can read about how using NLP I went form a job I hated to a purposeful career where connecting is important and satisfying.

If you really want to make some genuine and honest shifts for yourself, you are up for real world applications with practice, you might not make a better decision to start 2023 in a very exciting and fun way. It’s lush and you won’t find a better value training in terms of quality and price.

You can check the various NLP providers price schemes. This is less than half of most others. I have trained with the creators of NLP and worked as one the creators assistants in Europe. This is exceptional value.

Course Details
: Newcastle NLP Training 2023
January 2023 to June 2023, one weekend each month. Held in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne with total cost still only £695.

When you want more details to book your place ( limited to 12  9 people) do get in touch.


Call 0770 481 8467

I want to make this journey highly affordable for you. Book with and initial deposit and you can complete your investment monthly at no extra costs. Of course I do prefer to have a full course payment before the course starts and its OK  to pay monthly over the duration.

Weekend Dates 2023 :

Jan 28-29, Feb 25-26, Mar 25-26, Apr 29-30, May 20-21, Jun 24-25

Warm wishes

Nigel Hetherington
Communicating Excellence NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

0770 481 8467

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Online Coaching & Therapy : £40 per hour or £50 for two hours.
1:1 In Person Therapy and Coaching : £200 two hours.