NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Group in Newcastle : October 7th

Would you like to come and share some group learning and discovery at the Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Group in October?

Welcome to another Autumn. A season of changing weather, darkening evenings and colours that delight the senses. Autumn, like Spring is a season where we see natural transitions or cycles of change.

Autumn also offers a time of reflection. Reflection of the past and the possibilities yet to grow in the fertile ground of your imagination and actions.

Just like planting bulbs like Bluebells and Snowdrops for the Spring, you can start to imagine, visualise and see an unfolding journey of learning possibilities.

At the Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Group there are the opportunities for you to choose topics for the day as well as some predefined exercises to sharpen your application of NLP and Hypnotherapy.

You don’t need to have experience in NLP or Hypnotherapy to come alone and explore. Click the following link when you are interested in attending an NLP Practitioner course in Newcastle. This NLP course begins in January 2024.

October 7th : 9-5
Excellent value at 30

Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Jesmond Dene

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Newcastle Hypnotherapy and NLP Practice : September : 9th

There are some real serious benefits of playful practice. Hope you can come along and practice some play with hypnotherapy and NLP.

NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Group. Saturday 9th August. Our focus is going to be shifting beliefs and perceptions, using models to structure experience along with other topics decided on the day. Exceptional value at only £30 for the day! 9am to 5pm.

NLP Course Newcastle

Saturday September 9th : 9-5pm
Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne

Humour for Therapists and Change workers Workshop 7-8 Oct 2023

Helping your clients with Humour is perfect for you as Therapists, Counsellors and Coaches and want to introduce skillfully structured humour grounded  interventions into your work with your clients. Humour for Therapists and Change workers Workshop is facilitated with Phil Jeremiah using his Humourworx experiential change model.

Humour in therapy ( and in life ) is to me an essential component in change. This is nothing to do with cracking jokes but the often overlooked different way to see a problem. Humour and irrelevance can be a piercing insight into cracking the difficult nut of a way to well rooted and rehearsed inner story. A red carpet to explore a different path, shifting the sensations of stuck; just enough.

Humour for Therapists and Change workers Workshop

I can easily despair at the state of our world right now. Criminally stupid exploitation of our environment, outrageous inflation, wars around the globe and the disgustingly immoral unfairness of many companies paying very poor ‘living’ wages forcing ordinary people to food banks, working several jobs to pay the rent, causing stress and worry; that list can go on and on.

Its way too easy to feel so stuck you can’t move or see a way out of worry, depression and a sever lack of control. But if you could change how you think and feel you can see there are alternatives to the usual old problem fixated reality.

Here you can help your clients shift from fixating on seemingly unsolvable problems to opening their door of freedom and see some real possibilities of change. How? With the use of strategic systematic humour based vaccines to negativity and stuckness.

You know when your laughing your entire state shifts dramatically. Laughing, you produce feel good chemicals in your body which can last for hours making you see and act in the world differently, more positively, more resourcefully.

With a process based approach to using humour and irrelevance you can assist your clients to change their story, their perceptions of old problems and skilfully guide them in new and different ways to freedom.

You know the way it is now, there are so many external events which are driving normal people to seek professional assistance. You can add and enhance your professional resources and skills to help your clients even more.


𝗘𝘅𝗰𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝘃𝗮𝗹𝘂𝗲 at £125 for two days of experiential training with Phil Jeremiah IV where you really will be laughing and learning 𝘢𝘯𝘥 transfer these life changing skills to your professional work. Taking place in Newcastle upon Tyne, October 7-8 2023.

July NLP & Hypnotherapy Practice Day – Creativity!

Here is a very quick heads up for NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day. Saturday 29th July. Our focus will be our creativity. Exceptional value at only £30 for the day! 9am to 5pm.

Newcastle NLP Practice Group

Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day

Imagine a full day of fun and exploration with a Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy practice day? Well you can come and join in the fun and learning. Come join in for a day of practical application where you will learn essential techniques of NLP and hypnotherapy with a supportive group of wonderful people.
NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day May 2023

Saturday 13th May : 9am-5pm : Only £30!

During the day, we will cover the key elements of building rapport and calibration, allowing you to connect with others and develop a deeper connection with yourself and others. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice and apply these skills through a series of exercises that will enhance your ability to communicate with more confidence and clarity.

Throughout the day, you’ll be guided through demonstrations and practice so you get the experience and knowledge, giving you the tools you need to become more versed with effective NLP and hypnotherapy practices. Whether you’re new to these techniques or looking to enhance your existing skills, this is the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills and abilities.

As part of the practice day, we’ll be working together in groups, collaborating and learning from each other as we explore the many practical applications of NLP and hypnotherapy. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for personal growth and development, and who are committed to helping each other succeed.

Book your place for Saturday 13th May from 9-5 on the Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day.

Booking you place is easy. Use the PayPal link below. Excellent value at just £30 for the day.

Millfield House
Jesmond Dene Rd
Red Wall
Newcastle upon Tyne

Hypnotherapy Training Course Newcastle upon Tyne

Are you looking for a fulfilling career where you can truly make a difference in people’s lives? Do you want to learn a powerful tool that can help people overcome anxiety, phobias, and other challenges? Look no further than my hypnotherapy training program in the North East of England. Newcastle upon Tyne in person training.  Hypnotherapy Training Course Newcastle.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle 2023

This in person program emphasizes practice, giving you hands-on experience working with real clients under my guidance as a very experienced hypnotherapist. You’ll learn a variety of hypnotherapy techniques, including regression therapy, suggestion therapy, and Ericksonian hypnosis. You’ll also learn how to tailor your approach to each client’s unique needs and goals. And its not about scripts! Its about you personalising what you do for your clients.

My program is designed for anyone with a passion for helping others and an interest in hypnotherapy. Whether you’re a healthcare professional looking to expand your skillset, a counselor or therapist looking to integrate hypnosis into your practice, or simply someone who wants to start a new career path, I welcome you to join.

With this training, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to start your own hypnotherapy practice or work alongside other healthcare professionals. You’ll also have access to ongoing support and mentorship as you begin your journey as a hypnotherapist.

I believe that the best way to learn hypnotherapy is through hands-on experience, working with real clients. That’s why your training includes plenty of opportunities for you to practice your skills, from role-playing exercises to working with actual clients. You’ll receive personalised guidance and feedback from me as you work with clients, helping you to hone your skills and grow your confidence.

During your training, you’ll learn how to use hypnotherapy to promote healing and wellbeing, gaining a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. You’ll learn how to help clients overcome anxiety, phobias, and other challenges, as well as how to help them achieve their goals and live their best lives. Hypnotherapy Training Course Newcastle for you.

You see support doesn’t end when your training is complete. I provide you ongoing mentorship and resources to help you build your practice and continue to develop your skills as a hypnotherapist. And I’m always here to answer your questions and provide guidance whenever you need it.

If you’re looking for a fulfilling career that allows you to help people improve their mental and emotional wellbeing, I invite you to join my hypnotherapy training program in the Newcastle upon Tyne. Enroll today and start your journey towards a rewarding and fulfilling career as a hypnotherapist.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma

The cost to you is £745 for 10 days of experiential training with only £150  deposit and monthly payments. Get in touch to book your place.

0770 481 8467

August 26-27
September 23-24
October 21-22
November 18-19
December 16-17

Newcastle Hypnotherapy Venue

Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Millfield House
Jesmond Dene Rd
Red Walk
Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7BQ

Hypnotherapy Training Course Newcastle upon Tyne 2023

Imagine you can seriously up-skill your current life. And imagine you are looking for a career in hypnotherapy? Would you love to help people change their lives for the better? If so, Hypnotherapy training with Communicating Excellence can help you achieve your vision with Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Hypotherapy Newcastle Nigel Hetherington

With almost 20 years of teaching experience, I am here to support and guide you to becoming a hypnotherapist. You will be guided through an interactive and experiential learning program. I know that the best way to learn is by doing, and my hands-on approach ensures that you will have plenty of opportunities to practice your skills and gain confidence in your abilities.

At Communicating Excellence, I believe that everyone should have access to high-quality hypnotherapy training. That’s why you can access ultra-high-value training at a fantastic price. I will endure that you get the best possible training without breaking the bank.

This Newcastle Hypnotherapy training program is designed to give you a solid foundation in the principles and techniques of hypnotherapy. You’ll learn how to use hypnosis to help clients overcome a wide range of issues, from anxiety and stress to phobias and addictions. You’ll also learn how to conduct effective hypnotherapy sessions and how to tailor your approach to each individual client.

This program is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register and The Society of NLP, which means that you can be confident that the training you receive meets the highest standards of excellence. Upon completion of this  program, you will be eligible for membership in the SNLP and with additional course work the GHR so you and can start building your career as a professional hypnotherapist.

I know that the best way to learn hypnotherapy is through experiential learning. That’s why this program is highly interactive and hands-on. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your skills and receive quality feedback during your journey. You will also be involved in creating a supportive learning environment, where you can ask questions and get help when you need it.

This Newcastle Hypnotherapy training program is suitable for anyone who is interested in hypnotherapy, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced therapist looking to expand your skills. This program is flexible, and you can complete it at your own pace.

If you’re looking for a career in hypnotherapy, Communicating Excellence can help you achieve your goals. With this ultra-high-value, low-price training and interactive and experiential learning approach, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful hypnotherapist. Contact me today to learn more about your hypnotherapy training program in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma

The cost to you is £745 for 10 days of experiential training with only £150  deposit and monthly payments. Get in touch to book your place.

0770 481 8467

August 26-27
September 23-24
October 21-22
November 18-19
December 16-17

Newcastle Hypnotherapy Venue

Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Millfield House
Jesmond Dene Rd
Red Walk
Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7BQ

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Newcastle NLP Training 2023

The kind of attention you give, invest or simply do changes how you see the world and equally the attention you give can change the experience another human experiences and what you experience in return. Newcastle NLP Training 2023 begins in January. One weekend each month, completing in June.

Be active and instrumental in changing your life for the better and those who you are in relationships with. Well being, Peace of mind and mental health are crucial now and much needed in our world. NLP is one way to improve and contribute to a healthier and happier world.

Newcastle NLP Training 2023

We are in 2022 and have seemingly come through the worst of covid and
enduring an ongoing cost of living disaster. Now more than ever is a time
to be able to surf the wave of crisis and thrive.

Do you want to live in a society where people know how to think and learn and have a useful skills and have learned how to care about each other?
– George Lakoff

Well I do and I suspect you do too. NLP Training offers this as well as so much more.

NLP, created in the 70’s is a solid foundation to moving forward to learning hypnotherapy and is one the the decisive technologies that is now recognised and researched to, when applied properly enhances all of ‘you’ and your relationships.

This is in-person experiential training. You learn and embody your skills through
doing and interacting with our fellow students.

One life changing brilliant decision you can make is joining this
NLP Practitioner Training. January 2023 to June 2023 and doing my
best to incorporate our new safe and secure normal there are 12 places for this training.

When you are experiencing many of the anxieties and worries of being stuck
with your life as it is and all the unavoidable problems and frustrations this
will inevitably cause you, don’t you want the skills and mind set to break through,
move around or simply dissolve your current limitations and problems?


Do you want to heighten you communication skills, improve your relationships with others and your self? Imagine how positively different your view of the world will be when you can harness the power of your unconscious instead of over thinking! Its a fact that 98%
of thought is unconscious so it makes sense to connect with the deeper aspects of you.

Making a great decision to join the 2023 NLP Practitioner, you are going to
learn and use the life changing arts and sciences of NLP to propel yourself
into more of the kinds of freedom, securities and life adventures you need.

You will also get the really deep skills of enhancing relationships and connections with your clients, colleagues and friends.

Or you could do a one day ‘practitioner’ with the Knowledge Academy for three thousand pounds. Yep. Or choose to learn and apply NLP with me over 12 days for a fraction of that price.

Life changing, life giving. An amazing journey begun. Love the fact you ( nigel ) are so available between the contact days. Many many thanks.” David Mills

It is astoundingly simple to join the 2023 NLP Practitioner Training. You don’t
require any prior experience in NLP. You do require the juice to want to make
your life better and as a consequence all those people around you. Its easy.

Booking now with only £150 deposit is easy. Get in touch.

If you don’t take this NLP Practitioner Training you will be missing out on some of the most by far useful skills a person can have. For instance, easily recognising when someone is contemptuous of you by their facial features. That’s useful to know right?

Studying NLP you will see with new eyes and hear with new ears the ‘information’ that has always been there, you just didn’t know how to recognise it or what it meant and how you can respectfully use this! Develop and enhance the meaning and value of your life.

Imagine choosing to invest in yourself, your life and aspirations and you are in for a treat, an adventurous transformative journey where you really can use the skills you learn to enhance
your own life. Of course this requires you to fully engage in what is on offer for you.

Just thought I’d write you a note to say thank you. 

I really loved the NLP course last year and the effect its had on me and how I’ve been able to help my clients.
It’s only now that I can see, feel and appreciate the effect that you and my fellow students on the course had,
with the exercises we all did.  In the room, in the moment, I remember thinking – ‘that was good, I wonder if it will make a difference?
I till be great if it did!’  But not really sure if it would, or did.  Now I know the answer – hindsight is a wonderful thing.
What a fabulously rewarding role/job you have helping people have a new perspective on their life and making positive changes.
It’s hard to explain how I feel like I’ve changed, I just know that I have.
It’s so very refreshing and helpful to speak to someone who listens, and helps you understand your perspective,
without making a judgement or inflicting opinion.
I will keep my eye on future courses because I would love to spend more time learning with you.
Please feel free to use this in your marketing, success stories, etc, if its useful.
If you want any more recommendations/testimonials/videos etc I am happy to oblige
.” – Katie Warburton

When I discovered NLP way back in 2001 on an introductory course, it simply spoke to me and soon I could see my life already looking and feeling different.

I had no idea how much satisfaction and happiness this would bring me over the years as I changed careers to do what I love to share and connect.

You can read about how using NLP I went form a job I hated to a purposeful career where connecting is important and satisfying.

If you really want to make some genuine and honest shifts for yourself, you are up for real world applications with practice, you might not make a better decision to start 2023 in a very exciting and fun way. It’s lush and you won’t find a better value training in terms of quality and price.

You can check the various NLP providers price schemes. This is less than half of most others. I have trained with the creators of NLP and worked as one the creators assistants in Europe. This is exceptional value.

Course Details
: Newcastle NLP Training 2023
January 2023 to June 2023, one weekend each month. Held in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne with total cost still only £695.

When you want more details to book your place ( limited to 12  9 people) do get in touch.


Call 0770 481 8467

I want to make this journey highly affordable for you. Book with and initial deposit and you can complete your investment monthly at no extra costs. Of course I do prefer to have a full course payment before the course starts and its OK  to pay monthly over the duration.

Weekend Dates 2023 :

Jan 28-29, Feb 25-26, Mar 25-26, Apr 29-30, May 20-21, Jun 24-25

Warm wishes

Nigel Hetherington
Communicating Excellence NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

0770 481 8467

FREE NLP and Hypnosis Videos on You Tube

Online Coaching & Therapy : £40 per hour or £50 for two hours.
1:1 In Person Therapy and Coaching : £200 two hours.

Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle | Can You Imagine This?

Hypnotherapy Course in NewcastleHypnotherapy Course in Newcastle

If you are considering a Hypnotherapy Training Course in Newcastle you are in the right place to get the information you require to make a great decision. You know choosing to learn hypnotherapy is all about what you want in context.

This Hypnotherapy Course in Newcastle will deliver practical and powerful skills you want, the exceptional value ( I have the course costs in plain sight ) you need and the ongoing support in your learning you deserve. Remember practical and powerful skills.

Your training is easy to enroll with a simple click or a call to place your deposit. There are monthly payment options to help you in these very challenging times. I strive to make this hypnotherapy course in Newcastle as fairly and openly accessible as possible to encourage a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

My invitation to you is to compare hypnotherapy training courses for experience of your facilitator, overall cost and assess what you are really going to get.

For instance I waste no time on a formal history of hypnosis and hypnotherapy because you don’t need this to become a competent and confident hypnotherapist. This Hypnotherapy Course in Newcastle is structured so you will never need to read a scrip to your clients. You will have all the process and practice to be fully attending accurately to and with your clients.

Hypnotherapy is a truly and wonderfully joyous profession yet I really don’t want you to think you will instantly be making enough to drop your current job. This requires marketing and presence. So this is an honest reality check, this is not one of those bullshit ‘you can make six figures if you do this!’

I love what I do because with my chosen career I can help and assist and be well outside the standard 9-5 and above minimum wage for the hours I work. Imagine having a new and fresh skill set you can integrate into what you currently do with the option to do something completely different too.

Joining this course as you progress through the weekends and case studies you are going to find this an exciting and rewarding experience and you will also have the opportunity to experience hypnosis and real personal transformation.

If you would like to have an open friendly chat regarding your desires and aspirations about this course please do get in touch by phone or email. I am here to assist you all the way.

If you would like to find out more details about Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle and secure your place you can click here. Below is a summary of this Hypnotherapy Course in Newcastle.


Online training is great when its your only option. In person, real and dynamic training is the gold standard of interaction and outcome oriented learning.

Hypnotherapy Training NewcastleHypnotherapy Course Graduates 2018

What you will do on this Newcastle Hypnotherapy Course

  • Learn and utilise hypnotherapy for change
  • Practice a variety of inductions and processes
  • Real client work as part of your training requirements

Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle

Jude 2019 : Click to View

What you will have on Graduating this Hypnotherapy Training

  • A practical understanding and application of hypnotherapy
  • Knowledge in the application of hypnotic processes
  • Enough experience to work effectively, ethically and safely
This course has helped me in so many positive ways of learning and personal growth. It delivers superb and quality teachings in the practical and theory along with excellent resources. A journey of self development that has deepened my knowledge and understandings. 
I would most definitely recommend this course and Nigel, who gives 100% professionalism and support. I didn’t know what to expect but what I’ve gained exceeded any expectations. So be curious and adventurous and enhance your life’s journey.
Sarah Jane Wilkes – Complementary therapist and full time mum!

What you will be being on and after this Hypnotherapy Course

  • A confident and competent hypnotherapist
  • More congruent in hypnotic communication
  • Different to when you started. Happier and more empowered

Hypnotherapy Course Newcastle

Barry 2019 : Click to View

In addition to valuable live training, demonstrations and coaching, you will also have access to monthly Zoom meetings to support and enhance your learning as well as many downloadable resources.

  • Monthly Zoom exploration and supervision
  • Video, Audio and Document downloads

Now if you want to complete a Hypnotherapy Course in Newcastle that can change who you are, what you have and what you do, you can book your place with a non-refundable £150 deposit. On completion you have the option to purchase an additional SNLP certificate.

Details and Deposit for Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle beginning August 2022 – Click Here

Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle for the skills you want, the value you need and the ongoing support you deserve.

P.S. If you are remotely interested in my journey to get to here, click here.

Thank you for reading and best wishes for you future from me.

Hypnotherapy Course Newcastle


Nigel Hetherington


How can you make your communication more impactful if you don’t study language patterns? NLP is about Language Patterns being used to create great rapport and at the same time with huge integrity.

If you haven’t guessed one of my passions is the use of language to get ideas across. This is one one Erickson’s many definitions of hypnosis. “Hypnosis is a process of transferring ideas”. Ideas or experiences via story can and do become beliefs, more often than not unconscious.

We know this because we are a story telling species and that can be seen in our relatively late, some five and a half thousand years ago in the cuneiform of Mesopotamia. Our religious books are not text book but parables, stories.

Let’s take a very quick look at an idea that is generally accepted for the literal believer from the bible. The idea of Sin and Repentance. You know the slippery snake that convinced Eve and then Adam to bite a forbidden apple.

A Greek word, hamartia, which literally means ‘missing the mark’ was translated as per now as ‘sin’. There is no sin in missing the mark or going off track. Repentance in that same book is a translation of ‘metanoia’ which means ‘course correct’.

Words are powerful and they have consequences. When you can get your words, your communications to be truthful, trustworthy and to the point you can have much more impact.


1. Begin with a Rhetorical Question

Instead of beginning with a statement, even worse telling someone ‘you need to know’ or ‘you have to listen’ or ‘don’t you think that …’ open with a rhetorical question. Specifically one where you are almost unilaterally going to get agreement or at least almost no opposition. This is from Frank Luntz.

How can you really improve your communication skills if you don’t have the tools? How can we trust politicians when they flout their own rules?

This is a form of Rapport and Pacing. There is nothing to disagree with and everything to agree with.

2. Alliteration

In order to help your clients, your prospective clients and anyone you want a message to stick with, use alliteration; that’s using the same letter or sound in a triplet or doublet of words. Again from Luntz and many others..

Better, Smarter, Faster
Maternal, Meaningful, Modern

Repetition make ideas more memorable so they stick