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Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle | Can You Imagine This?

Hypnotherapy Course in NewcastleHypnotherapy Course in Newcastle

If you are considering a Hypnotherapy Training Course in Newcastle you are in the right place to get the information you require to make a great decision. You know choosing to learn hypnotherapy is all about what you want in context.

This Hypnotherapy Course in Newcastle will deliver practical and powerful skills you want, the exceptional value ( I have the course costs in plain sight ) you need and the ongoing support in your learning you deserve. Remember practical and powerful skills.

Your training is easy to enroll with a simple click or a call to place your deposit. There are monthly payment options to help you in these very challenging times. I strive to make this hypnotherapy course in Newcastle as fairly and openly accessible as possible to encourage a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

My invitation to you is to compare hypnotherapy training courses for experience of your facilitator, overall cost and assess what you are really going to get.

For instance I waste no time on a formal history of hypnosis and hypnotherapy because you don’t need this to become a competent and confident hypnotherapist. This Hypnotherapy Course in Newcastle is structured so you will never need to read a scrip to your clients. You will have all the process and practice to be fully attending accurately to and with your clients.

Hypnotherapy is a truly and wonderfully joyous profession yet I really don’t want you to think you will instantly be making enough to drop your current job. This requires marketing and presence. So this is an honest reality check, this is not one of those bullshit ‘you can make six figures if you do this!’

I love what I do because with my chosen career I can help and assist and be well outside the standard 9-5 and above minimum wage for the hours I work. Imagine having a new and fresh skill set you can integrate into what you currently do with the option to do something completely different too.

Joining this course as you progress through the weekends and case studies you are going to find this an exciting and rewarding experience and you will also have the opportunity to experience hypnosis and real personal transformation.

If you would like to have an open friendly chat regarding your desires and aspirations about this course please do get in touch by phone or email. I am here to assist you all the way.

If you would like to find out more details about Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle and secure your place you can click here. Below is a summary of this Hypnotherapy Course in Newcastle.


Online training is great when its your only option. In person, real and dynamic training is the gold standard of interaction and outcome oriented learning.

Hypnotherapy Training NewcastleHypnotherapy Course Graduates 2018

What you will do on this Newcastle Hypnotherapy Course

  • Learn and utilise hypnotherapy for change
  • Practice a variety of inductions and processes
  • Real client work as part of your training requirements
Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle

Jude 2019 : Click to View

What you will have on Graduating this Hypnotherapy Training

  • A practical understanding and application of hypnotherapy
  • Knowledge in the application of hypnotic processes
  • Enough experience to work effectively, ethically and safely
This course has helped me in so many positive ways of learning and personal growth. It delivers superb and quality teachings in the practical and theory along with excellent resources. A journey of self development that has deepened my knowledge and understandings. 
I would most definitely recommend this course and Nigel, who gives 100% professionalism and support. I didn’t know what to expect but what I’ve gained exceeded any expectations. So be curious and adventurous and enhance your life’s journey.
Sarah Jane Wilkes – Complementary therapist and full time mum!

What you will be being on and after this Hypnotherapy Course

  • A confident and competent hypnotherapist
  • More congruent in hypnotic communication
  • Different to when you started. Happier and more empowered
Hypnotherapy Course Newcastle

Barry 2019 : Click to View

In addition to valuable live training, demonstrations and coaching, you will also have access to monthly Zoom meetings to support and enhance your learning as well as many downloadable resources.

  • Monthly Zoom exploration and supervision
  • Video, Audio and Document downloads

Now if you want to complete a Hypnotherapy Course in Newcastle that can change who you are, what you have and what you do, you can book your place with a non-refundable £150 deposit. On completion you have the option to purchase an additional SNLP certificate.

Details and Deposit for Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle beginning August 2022 – Click Here

Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle for the skills you want, the value you need and the ongoing support you deserve.

P.S. If you are remotely interested in my journey to get to here, click here.

Thank you for reading and best wishes for you future from me.

Hypnotherapy Course Newcastle


Nigel Hetherington