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Mastering Communication and Learning Skills with NLP Practitioner Course in Newcastle



NLP Training course in Newcastle upon Tyne. This is a 12 day NLP Practitioner Training over six months that will give you valuable real hands on experience to change the way you communicate with yourself and others so that you can effectively motivate, influence and use your new skills.

The real excellent price for this six month training is only £895 for 12 days. Incredible value NLP Practitioner in the UK. It is this price because of my commitment to your success and because you need total value for the money you’re investing in your future.

Are you looking to change career into the people helping or therapist line of work? Are you thinking about becoming a hypnotherapist? Are you working as a therapist and want new and additional skills you can use? Read this first!

NLP Practitioner Course in Newcastle with Nigel HetheringtonUnless you live alone on a desert island you need to be able get on with other people. You need to be able to both communicate and influence yourself, family, friends, colleagues and clients. Sometimes this can be very difficult.

Life changing, life giving. An amazing journey begun. Love the fact you ( nigel ) are so available between the contact days. Many many thanks.

David Mills

On a personal level maybe you don’t know how to get the result you want and perhaps you feel stuck, unable to change the way you think and feel. It may even seem like you are going round in circles.

Professionally you know how important it is to able to make yourself understood and to effectively influence others. Its a real skill to understand and grasp new concepts quickly from others and to be able to communicate at all levels.

I expected to learn how to apply NLP to my work / life and personal development. Totally fab, exceeded my expectations. Thank you VERY much. I’ll be back again sometime and will forward details to all!

Rob McGinley – Counselling Lecturer / Trainer / Therapist

You can’t learn, motivate or influence people with ineffective communication skills.

NLP Training in Newcastle with Nigel HetheringtonYou need to discover a way to learn how to communicate effectively that works for you. You need to be able to have the power to change your situation and that’s what this training is about.

This NLP Practitioner training is for you if … you want to learn powerful, effective and ethical ways to influence both yourself and others. If you want to learn how to learn. If you want to change your life for the better.

I joined the NLP Practitioner training to gain a comprehensive understanding of NLP and be confident in using NLP skills and processes. My expectations were all met. I found the training helpful due to the practical work and exercises and am using them in my client work

Sarah – Counsellor


What you will get from this NLP Practitioner training.

  1. Being able to communicate powerfully will be much easier for you. You’ll have the skills to easily develop rapport with just about anyone you meet.
  2. You will be able to recognise and speak other people’s inner language. We all communicate in ways that can be very persuasive to us yet below the level of consciousness. You’ll be able to tune in, see where they are coming from, make contact with people in new ways.
  3. You will be able to change the way that you think. It ain’t what you think, it’s the way that you think it. Subjective experience has a structure, learn how to change the structure and you change the experience..
  4. ‘You will learn how to have your unconscious mind work for you instead of against you. Sometimes we seem to do things that make no conscious sense and no matter how hard we try we are not able to talk ourselves out of them. You will learn how to harness the power of the subconscious and resolve inner conflicts.
  5. You will have a fun and stimulating learning experience. Anticipate a fun, stimulating and life enhancing experience through highly interactive and experiential learning.

To start with it was confusing and disconcerting but this got me a much bigger shift in my learning in the long run. Made friends for life and giving me food for thought don’t begin to describe it!

Michelle Van den Berg

Some of the things you learn how to do on this training.

  • Understand and apply powerful NLP change processes.
  • Break free from problem behaviours
  • Change limiting beliefs to empower your life
  • To notice and use non-verbal communication
  • You will be able to set realistic outcomes by learning the secrets of well balanced goals.
  • How to acquire new skills and abilities and enhance your existing ones.
  • Use powerful communication skills
  • Transform difficulties into opportunities
  • Ethically influence others
  • Discover real personal development
  • How to learn
  • Organise your time effectively
  • Understand and utilise your own motivations as well as others

How this NLP Training works for you

You don’t teach someone to swim by talking about swimming, you teach them to swim by swimming and to get competent at swimming you practice swimming.

You can expect:

  • live demonstrations of techniques
  • to learn NLP by doing NLP
  • to practice NLP
  • to receive regular feedback
  • to have fun learning
  • to be treated with respect and dignity

I don’t believe short concentrated courses produce skilled and experienced practitioners. If you just want a piece of paper that says you are an NLP Practitioner you can do a practitioner course online! For around $20!

You can also do a NLP Practitioner course in 5 days straight and no integration time. You can learn to drive a car in 7 days but does that make you an experienced and competent driver? A full and complete NLP practitioner in 5 consecutive days? No.

The minimum number of days I feel works is nine and this is spread out over three to four weeks so you do have time for integration of the skills.

Not only do you get an NLP Practitioner Certificate, but woven into the course is an introduction to EMI and EFT. Eye Movement Integration ( EMI ) and Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ) are a simple and effective change methods that are easy to learn and apply. EMI, EFT and NLP makes a very powerful combination.

Please Note

During this NLP training you will learn methods and process that are suitable for working with therapy and coaching clients. But this training is not a substitute for personal therapy. For personal 1:1 therapy and hypnotherapy go to Nigel Hetherington.

Does this stuff work?

Good question. Here are some stories from previous course attendees.

much more than my expectations were met, I experienced discovering different layers within myself and therefore different potential for helping. The training was was helpful because it was experiential, non-judgemental, safe and supported and I can put this to use in my work as a coach and facilitator and in personal life

Judith – Coach and Training Facilitator

I chose to attend an NLP Practitioner to build on my counselling skills. I have learned new skills and tools to use with clients. I found the training helpful due to the practical work and the fact that the emphasis is on practical work really made the techniques easier to learn

Alison – Associate Counsellor

Excellent content, great presentation, great group. All if it linked together, I have really enjoyed it and learned a lot from the course, very useful.

Kim – Manager Outdoor Activity Centre

By attending this workshop you will be able to significantly improve your personal and professional effectiveness.

How much?

There are no hidden costs in this training, No VAT, no extras, no catches. The price you see here is the price you pay.

“I would 100% recommend this course. I have been on an incredible journey that has changed my life on so many levels. Thank you

Angela Lynn

NLP Practitioner Course Newcastle – Payment Details

My course fees are totally transparent and they are here for all to see.  I offer the very best training and unmatched prices because I am dedicated to your success and the people in the North East community.

The full cost of this training during these testing times is excellent value at only £895. There is an additional fee for SNLP certification.

Once you have booked with a £150 deposit the balance of £745 is paid monthly from January to June making this training affordable and accessible.

Note: All payment options require a £150 deposit to secure your place. Book below!

Cancellation policy

Your deposit is non-refundable. If you should happen to miss your course your deposit will be transferred to the next course.

Where and when is your NLP Practitioner Course in Newcastle?

Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7BQ.

Newcastle NLP Course Venue

Dates 2024: Dates to come

This NLP  training course is hands on, interactive and fun. You’ll leave with new skills and understandings that will serve you well in all aspects of your life.

NLP Practitioner Course Newcastle BOOK YOU PLACE NOW WITH £150 deposit.