8 questions to help you choose your hypnotherapist

Choosing a hypnotherapist to assist you through a particular problem stage in your life or to assist you to improving your performance is not always the easiest thing to do.

With this in mind I have complied a list of questions you can ask that will help you to make the right decision and so get your life much more the way you want it to be.

Questions 1-4 are pretty standard and usually worth some consideration.

Question 5-8 are extremely important as this will have a big effect on you and your treatment and are a reflection of both the skill and character of the hypnotherapist you choose to help you.

The Obvious Questions

  1. What are their qualifications. I have to say not always the most important question although all registered hypnotherapists will hold some hypnotherapy qualification.
  2. Which Professional Body’s are they members of? Most hypnotherapists will be affiliated to one or more professional bodies.
  3. What is their experience. How long has the hypnotherapist been practising. Again this is not necessarily a big issue. Some people relatively new to this field are extremely skilful and conversely some who have been practising decades are still journeymen.
  4. How did you find out about them? Did you find out about them through advertising, word of mouth, blind chance. Again not massively important.

The Important Questions

  1. What is your impression of the hypnotherapist. How do you feel having talked to or met the hypnotherapist. Do they walk their talk, do you believe they can help you make the changes you require? Do you feel confident about their skills? do you say YES this persons for me, Hmmm not sure or NO WAY.
  2. What are your expectations. What specifically do you expect from seeing a hypnotherapist and are you prepared to see it through?
  3. What do they charge and how many sessions will be required?
  4. What guarantee do they offer. Is the service they perform guaranteed? If they can’t help do you pay for them to practice on you? Do you take your car to a garage, pay a large bill and find out your car is in the same state as it was before you brought it in?

Here are my answers

In addition to a holding a Hypnotherapy Diploma I provide certified Hypnotherapist Training in Newcastle upon Tyne. I am an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner and provides NLP Training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Professional Bodies
I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register ( GHR ) and follow their code of conduct. Communicating Excellence’s is an approved training centre with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council providing certification for recognised Hypnotherapy Diploma. Nigel provides Hypnotherapy Supervision for therapists and is am a member of the NLP Register and The Professional Guild of NLP.

I started my own training in Hypnosis in 2000 and by 2005 was delivering Hypnotherapy Diploma Training courses. I began my own NLP training in 2001 and became an accredited trainer of NLP in 2005.

How did you find about this Hypnotherapist?
Only you know the answers to this

What is your impression of this Hypnotherapist?

Again only you can know how you feel.

I will assist you in clarifying both your expectations and outcomes. This is important for two reasons, firstly this is how you will know you have achieved what you set out to get and secondly as I guaranteed all my work it is good to know exactly what is being guaranteed.

For example of you wish to use hypnotherapy for weight loss, coming once and hoping it is a miracle cure and expecting huge weight loss in one week is unrealistic in the extreme. Continuing with this example you may expect to notice lasting changes in your eating habits, and a safe gradual weight reduction within a minimum of three sessions.

Charges and Sessions
I charge £45 per hour. This I feel is a reasonable fee most people can afford. I have trained hypnotherapists who charge more than double this so the charge of you treatment is not related to the quality of service you receive. I will help you make your changes in the absolute minimum number of sessions.

I once attempted to book consultation rooms in a Northumberland town and the fist question I was asked was “we already have a hypnotist here and he has a very large number of return clients how many can you bring in” – clearly not a place I wish to be associated with.

I guarantee all my work. This means that once we are both certain you have gotten what you set out to achieve by having tested your new skills and behaviours these changes stay with you.

best wishes
nigel hehterington

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