Anti-Depressants or Sugar Pills

A team from the University of Hull have shown research that Anti Depressants like Prosac and Seroxat, sometimes known as Selective Seratonin ReUptake Inhibitors are as effective as Placebos in the majority of cases of depression.

There is a large body of evidence on placebos and their effects. Perhaps placebos work on ‘beliefs’ changing things, possibilities at deep neurological levels, changing limiting beliefs, who knows for sure. The thing is, this effect is well known.

St.Johns wort has been used as a remedy for depression, and whether this is because of the chemical composition of the herb or the placebo effect it seems to work, just like Prozac.

Here are some of the differences between a natural placebo like a Sugar Pill and drugs like SSRI’s.

  • 100% natural
  • 100% safe
  • Practically no cost
  • not pushed by drugs companies
  • not owned by drugs companies

So how can two parties have such conflicting ‘evidence’. Is it possible that they both could be correct. Well yes it is. It all depends not only on rigid, strict scientific rigor, it also depends on what you set out to prove, in other words what filters are in place and what biases are already in the system ( beliefs and values ). A further exploration into the beliefs and values and overriding motivations will surely lead to a deeper understanding of the validity of both parties claims.

But the makers of Prozac and Seroxat, two of the commonest anti-depressants, said they disagreed with the findings.

BBC News web site

Something as I understand Frank Zapper reminded his son Moon Unit is to consider “Who is paying them to say that?

I recall my days at Newcastle University and my associations with some excellent people, commonly known as The Medics. The Medics were plied with sweeteners and incentives ( would we say gifts now? ) from various Drugs Companies. Why? Not from the goodness of the hearts, but one suspects to create relationships that may last through the Medics careers. And having knowledge of how, now, today, Drugs companies host events to push their trade to GP’s, Practice Nurses and other medical staff, now I wouldn’t call this legalised Drug Pushing because its not legalised Drug Pushing though its seems a very questionable practice to me.

My own personal experiences, friends, family, associates have and do still confirm a shocking frivolity in GP’s prescribing anti-depressants for all manner of symptoms and ailments. As an experiment go to your GP and complain of being down, being depressed and find out what happens.

Think about it, drugs treat symptoms, wouldn’t it be better to work directly with cause where possible. Juggling comes to mind.

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