Bill O'Hanlon – Newcastle September 11-12

We (IntegrityNLP) are very proud to be hosting a workshop with Bill O’Hanlon in Newcastle on September 11th and 12th. Bill O’Hanlon was one of the great hypnotherapist Milton Erikson’s students and is very well known therapist, trainer and author. He says of this workshop: The Geography Of Possibilities

Possibility Therapy uses the power of acknowledgement to meet people where they are stuck and the power of possibility to invite them into change. Not just a positive approach, this approach recognizes problems, the influence of the past, and cultural, political and gender influences while creating a respectful, hopeful environment for change. It also adds a spiritual dimension to therapy.


Through clear handouts and lectures, videotapes and practice exercises, participants will have the opportunity to not only learn this approach to therapy but also to apply it to their own lives and selves.


You can hear Bill speak about Eriksonian and Solution Oriented Hypnotherapy on a podcast interview he did on ShrinkRapRadio with Dr David Van Nuys.

You can also hear him on the Theatre of the Mind podcast about ‘getting on track with your life’.

The online registration for this event starts on Wednesday 21st April at 8:00am.

The first 10 registrants can book for the Very Early Bird Fee of just £100. The fee goes up to £175 thereafter until July 19th, after that it’s £225.

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