Change Camp – October 24th

Something very special, completely innovative and unusual is happening again in the North East this year. In Newcastle upon Tyne, Gosforth and organised by Andy Hunt of Practical Wellbeing and Integrity NLP …

It’s called Change Camp.

This is something that will be of interest to Counsellors, NLP’s, Therapists, Solution Focused therapists, Hypnotherapists and Health Care professionals as well as anyone with an interest in personal growth and self development.

The first Change Camp of 2009 was a huge and overwhelming success in both bringing like minded people together to explore their mutual interests and even more importantly creating a burgeoning community of really amazing people.

And it is happening and open again for even more great things this coming October 24th.

This is the brain child of my excellent friend and colleague Andy Hunt and is the second un-conference in Newcastle upon Tyne that will attract people who want to change the(ir) world.

Want to know more? You should!

Download and read the Change Camp manifesto here and get ready for change at the second North East Change Camp event that will be a breath of fresh air for all change professionals.

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