Clinical Hypnotherapy Training – January 2009 – Newcastle upon Tyne

beginnings..Image by Sir Mervs via FlickrAre you considering taking a Clinical Hypnotherapy Training course where you become a approved and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Training starts January 2009 Newcastle upon Tyne. Approved Clinical Hypnotherapy Training with Communicating Excellence.

Choosing Your Training Provider

I really enjoyed the course and learnt such a lot but this course exceeded all of that by so much. This course was excellent , it was fun, interesting ,testing, relaxing and it has helped me develop so much on a personal level. Nigel and Alan are real canny and I am so glad I did this course, it has changed my life

Heather – Care Assistant

A New Year, 2009 is soon to be dawning. This will certainly be a year that will present both new challenges and difficulties to surpass.  For most of us, more than ever, will need the skills to be able to manage and influence how you feel emotionally as well as your physical resources.

Imagine having the ability to communicate with precision and excellence, to really be able to motivate yourself as well as others to achieve personal and professional outcomes. On top of things like negotiation, trauma resolution, stop smoking, de-stress and relax to name but a few. These are just some of the benefits people get from training to become Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Peoples reasons for choosing to pursue this training can be varied. Some people want to acquire the skills to benefit their family and friends others want to set up clinical practice and benefit people in general. Some choose this as a path to further self development, while others want to add to their expanding skills set in their professional and personal effectiveness.

The course was well structured with lots of experiential trance sessions. The course tutors were always helpful, assisting and guiding where appropriate. The techniques used were very informative, and the information was presented well by the course tutors

Tom – Company Director

This is about much more that learning therapeutic skills, this is about earning the skills and processes to assist people to living full, productive worthwhile and meaningful lives. Obviously this is including your own.

This course is all about practical application. There are no boring and pointless stuffy lectures, we get right down to understanding hypnosis through doing hypnosis. Some people who are already ‘qualified’ hypnotherapist’s discover how easily they can operate more effectively without scripts and give their full clinical attention to their clients.

Based on practice and real world applications.  Many examples from experienced trainers and well presented and clear manual. And oddly enough what also helped as well was a test which focused the learnings even more

Nev – Probation Service Officer

Expect to learn, at a deep and experiential level, how to utilise and work as an effective and competent Clinical Hypnotherapist in the most professional and effective ways.

These courses utilise a strong and thorough foundation in the art of Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ). You will learn to operate at a process level where you have the tools and techniques that work and work exceptionally well in any situation.

This unique ten month Clinical Hypnotherapy training course in Newcastle upon Tyne begins January 2009.

Includes a full NLP Practitioner ( Professional Guild of NLP approved training  ) as well as the Clinical Hypnotherapist qualification. ( General Hypnotherapy Standards Council approved training )

Course Details

Click the links below to find out all details including subjects and price. You can also request free white papers that will help you choose your training provider.

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