Do you want to Stop Smoking?

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Is now a good time to Stop Smoking?

In Newcastle and the North East, Nigel Hetherington has assisted 100’s of people to successfully stop smoking using Hypnotherapy and NLP with his 7 Step Stop Smoking (TM) therapy BUT it is entirely possible to Stop Smoking without professional help.

So is now a good time to Stop Smoking?

Only you know the answer to this question and if you really want to stop here is a video demonstrating an EFT process you can use yourself.  That’s right, it is actually possible to give up and get healthier lungs without a therapist to assist you.

If you really want to give up you can ask yourself the following questions before watching this short demonstration of EFT to Stop Smoking.

  1. How will my life be different once I have stopped?
  2. When I have been stopped smoking for one week – how will I feel?
  3. When I have been stopped smoking  for one month and I can honestly feel a difference in my health with healthier lungs – what does this mean to me?
  4. Moving forward six months into the future and from this point looking back to when you chose to stop – what have you learned about yourself in relation to having healthier lungs now looking back?
  5. Before you give up … now … are you completely and honestly ready to improve your health, lungs, nose and all?


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