Doing things differently

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I live outside of Newcastle, in the country. During this ‘balmy’ early summer when I make the time to go for a walk one of the things I notice as I walk through the fields of ripening wheat and barley are the well trodden paths that make really easy walkways for the wayfaring pedestrian like me and equally errant rodents to.

Where the crop does not grow might be described as a well worn pathway, constantly cleared and used by lazy travellers taking an easy route through.

If the paths become unused for a while, very soon the crop grows up and sideways and through and the once clear pathway disappears to be replaced by the wheat or barley making an even and wind moved field of even ripples.

Sometimes new paths are made from offshoots of the old ones and sometimes completely new paths are cut by explorers of the animal kinds – perhaps deliberately and perhaps by accident or a combination of both. Sometimes new paths lead to exciting and undiscovered places, sometimes they are short cuts, sometimes they are fruitless journeys…

If your own neurological pathways were fields of growing crops, where the well used pathways were the only ones that got used I wonder what new adventured you could be on the verge of discovering yourself.

Dont just talk about doing things differently do things differently – perhaps you could try these new / different behaviours for a week and notice yourself how they are different… Have you noticed how little things can lead to big things in the same way tiny pebbles can start an avalanche…

  • Put a different leg through your underwear when you change
  • Take your socks off in a different order
  • Brush your teeth with a different hand
  • Wear your watch on the other hand
  • Learn to juggle
  • Use you door key with a different hand
  • Write with your opposite hand
  • Hold your phone in a different hand

Go on – do three things differently for a week and discover some new and unexplored paths – they may just be pleasant journeys but they could be real new discoveries leading into the unexpected and unexplored. The more avenues and pathways that are available to you the more flexible and versatile you are – are you not?


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