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Practically every person has had some event or events in their life that for one or several reasons has left some emotional scarring or baggage.
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NLP has many tools and processes that are specifically designed to take away the negative emotional charge of past events. The popular name of Change Personal History can describe the class of processes that deal with this.
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As a practising clinical hypnotherapist I fully appreciate the immense power of the unconscious mind and the limitless resources and healing powers it contains.

Those past events that are negatively charged are like fragments singled out in time but what came before and what came after?

Something happens to the memory when the event is extend both forwards and backwards in time. It is no longer the same.

I have created a process called Event Scope and Meaning Repatterning – ESMR which harnesses your unconscious mind to create the right resources to change the memory and level the old painful memory.

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