Front Line Skills – Advanced hypnotherapy

Front Line Skills – an advanced hypnotherapy skills course

An advanced course for practicing hypnotherapists who want the real skills that can not only really benefit your clients but give you an experiential edge over other therapists and an even greater range of flexible meta skills you can employ in your everyday practice.

Experience or qualification requirements for participants
Practicing hypnotherapists and those with a qualification in hypnotherapy.

Duration and Frequency
This course will be run over five months at one weekend per month. Allowing for propper intergration of new skills.

Direct experiential learning and demonstration. Course manual given out at the end of each weekend.


1.      Rapport and Micro Muscle Modelling

2.      Framing

3.      Unconscious communication

4.      Therapist State

5.      NVC and analogue marking

6.      Calibrating skills and provocative questioning

7.      Congruence and Act as If

8.      Presuppositional skills

9.      Metaphor and State Elicitation

10.  Nested, Embedded and Open Metaphor

11.  Amalgamating trance learning with conscious understanding

12.  Tasking

13.  Structuring therapy



Beginning in september 2007 – investment £750

Holders of Communicating Excellence or Empowerment Trainings certificates are entitled to save £100 off course costs. Book before August 07 and save a further 10%.

Rapport and Micro Muscle Modelling
You already know how to use physical ( 2nd position rapport ). Learn how to correctly and safely apply micro muscle modelling to get more information at the non-verbal level from your clients. Know your level of rapport.

Understand the real importance of setting frames to direct you therapy sessions for your clients and your own benefit. Frames set up conscious and unconscious vectors of attention while focusing unconscious resources.

Unconscious Communication
Discover and enhance your own unconscious relationship. Learn how to set filters to direct your own resources and harness the true power of your unconscious – intention. Learn ‘N’ step reframing to set your own goals and outcomes as well as how to monitor the results.

Therapist State
You and only you are responsible for you own state. Neuro-Contra lateral, flow-state games and exercises along with self anchoring to ensure you are in the right state to operate as a hypnotherapist. Bring your own amazing resources on-line.

NVC and Analogue marking
Learn how to communicate to your clients unconscious using NVC, learn how to mark and anchor the responses you require from your clients unconscious ecologically. Learn how to notice all your clients unconscious communication and elicit the best therapeutic responses from you client.

Calibrating skills and provocative questioning
Calibrating is the bread and butter of a effective therapists skills. Learn how to increase your calibrating skills and capability with drills and exercises. Calibrate your clients unconscious responses to tailor your therapy to them real time. Learn how and when to use provocative questioning to create unconscious responses you can utilise and calibrate.

Congruence and Act as if
To engender the right atmosphere for client change you need to walk your talk and be percieved as a congruent therapist. You achieve this by matching you confidence to your skills and becoming an even more congruent practitioner of hypnotherapy. With self manipulation and anchoring with structured exercises you can get you posture, voice and countenance working for you. Learn how to use your body and voice with a real conviction tempered with your developing skills.

Therapeutic Metaphor
Learn how to create spontaneous metaphor that key’s into aspects of your clients situation evolving into a feast of learning for their unconscious mind to digest and fuel beneficial change.

Nested and Embedded Metaphor
Deliver multiple descriptions of changing metaphorical content wrapped inside a triplet of paralleling concepts. Used to induce deep trance and deploy learning and opportunity for change across multiple parallels – leaving maximum choice to your clients unconscious to pick the changes and learning that are right for them – maximise your effectiveness by using your body and voice with tangible congruence.

Amalgamating trance learning with conscious understanding
Recapping on the session and using the meta model along with post hypnotic suggestion to bring about holistic realisations and change in the post hypnotic or waking state.

A therapeutic process wherein your client through some ‘task’ is exposed to an experience that creates a counter example to the limiting belief ( cause effect / complex equivalent / filter ) that is the cause for your therapeutic process – outside of conscious awareness; that is hidden in the task.

Structuring Therapy
Creating a meta process or model where you apply you new skill set in such a way that you continue to develop as a brilliant practitioner and your clients are treated as quickly as is ecologically practical.

Places will be limited dur to the nature of this course. To book your place or for further information contact me direct

0770 481 8467

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