How to choose your NLP Practitioner course

Our Newcastle based training of our NLP Practitioner course is filling up fast! There are only 7 places left! If you are thinking about doing an NLP Practitioner in Newcastle upon Tyne or in the North East of England then do have a look at our responses to Andy Smith’s guide to choosing an NLP Practitioner course. In addition to NLP you will also learn Hypnotic and Hypnotherapy skills too.

Andy Smith of Practical EQ has written an excellent summary of ways to choose an NLP Practitioner course that’s right for you. Given the plethora of courses available in all sorts of styles, this is a very helpful guide to new ‘NLP shopper’.

Here’s my shortened version of his list.

How to choose a practitioner course

  1. What is the emphasis of the course? Therapy, business, self development or general purpose.
  2. How big is the course? Course sizes can range from 12 to 500! How big would you like your group to be?
  3. ‘Intensive’ or ‘Extensive’? Intensive courses can be as little as 7 days long, extensive courses are usually 20 days long.
  4. How is the course structured?
    Does the course run for 10 days straight, or one weekend a month over
    10 months? Do you want to complete the course quickly or do you want
    time to take it on board and integrate the learning into your life.
  5. How much access do you get to the trainer? Is the trainer available to answer questions or does he use assistants and coaches to do that work?
  6. How much are NLP Practitioner courses? The pricing varies from under £1,000 to £3,000 that’s quite an investment.
  7. How much does the personality of the trainer matter?
    Does your trainer inspire trust? Do you feel at ease with them? If
    possible meet up with them before taking a training to find out what
    they are like.
  8. Does accreditation matter?
    Since there is no official body setting the standards a lot training
    institutes adding their own ‘accreditation’ to the trainings.

Here are Communicating Excellence’s answers

Emphasis of course:
Practical application, our course is structured so that you learn by
doing. NLP is not a theoretical subject and through experiential
learning you will gain skills and techniques that you will be able to
apply in your own life and others. In doing the exercises you will not
only learn NLP you will also develop mentoring or coaching skills that
will assist you in applying NLP with others as well as yourself. We
work from the NLP foundations of rapport, calibration and behavioural
flexibility while having a specific outcome in mind. We also have a
very strong emphasis on ethics and the appropriate use of these powerful skills.

Group size:
To give you the right amount contact and interaction with course
facilitators our maximum group size will be 24 participants. There are
usually two facilitators and at least one assistant.

Length of course:
We adopt The Professional Guild of NLP’s minimum contact time of 120
hours direct contact. We run your course over 10 months and this 20
days at one weekend per month. We understand the importance of having
time to integrate your learning through experience we have found this
format works best.

There is absolutely no requirement to do any additional outside study or
purchase additional materials as all required material is provided and
our comprehensive course more than covers The Professional Guild of
NLP’s requirements for Practitioner Level training.
For those who want to know more we provide a comprehensive reading, audio and video list to help them
develop their understanding and skills.

Structure of the course:
Our NLP Practitioner course is one weekend per month over a ten month
period. We give a lot of time to experiential learning, a cycle of
instruction, practice and reflection.
At the beginning of each weekend, in
keeping with our emphasis on practical application in the real world,
we share and explore our experiences of NLP over the past month and
share our learnings and discoveries as well as answering any questions
that arise.

Access to the facilitators:
During the course the facilitators and assistants are readily available
during the training and breaks. Participants are encouraged to ask
questions and fully participate in the experiential learning.
We don’t leave in-between
training weekends we offer an on-line forum where you can ask questions
and share thoughts and experiences with your fellow participants and

How much is the course:
We strongly believe that this amazing and incredibly beneficial
technology that is NLP should be within reach of as many people as
possible. We provide excellent and affordable training (we don’t use
fancy hotels or drive flashy cars) our NLP Practitioner course is great
value at just £995 or £850 if you book early.

Personality of your facilitators:
We have three very different trainers working on our NLP Practitioner
Training. We think that the wide variety of approaches beautifully
demonstrates that there is no one ‘true’ way of using NLP it can be
used effectively in many ways by many different people. You don’t have
to be a clone of the trainer to get results.

We welcome people
from all walks of life on our NLP Practitioner training. We also make
clear that an NLP Practitioner Training is an opportunity to learn
skills not a substitute for therapy. Although it is likely that what
you will learn on the course can change your life.

IntegrityNLP training facilitators are accredited NLP Trainers with The
Professional Guild of NLP, one of our trainers is also accredited as an
NLP Trainer by Dr. John Grinder ( the co-creator ) of NLP.

Your NLP Practitioner is certified by The Professional Guild of NLP.

How we assess your progress.

  • Through continuous assessment throughout the course
  • There is no written examination ( NLP is a practical application subject )
  • The
    final weekend is a series of practical exercises that are designed to
    show your application of your learnings over the course period. Unlike
    exams most people really enjoy the experience.

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