How to get more of what you want with NLP

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Getting More of what you want with NLP

There are just two very simple parts of getting what you want using NLP’s well formed outcome. A full exploration of your outcome and then acting on the information. The full exploration is called a ‘well formed outcome’.

well formed outcome

Step 1

State what you want, your outcome in the positive. Then in your imagination, See / Feel / Hear / Taste and Smell – exactly what it will be like when you have got your outcome. You require a sensory description!

  • “I dont want to get angry” is not stated in the positive, so one way to turn this to the positive can be “I want to be calm”.
  • When I am calm “it will be good” is not a sensory description. When I am calm I will be seeing other people next to me, they will be treating me differently, specifically they are talking to me, asking me about my ideas, opinions. I can smell one lady’s perfume and notice the smell of coffee. I am in a cafe. I feel relaxed and my shoulders are particularly comfortable.

Step 2

Check the possible consequences

  • How will getting your outcome affect you, friends, family, others? You can think of this in terms of time, relationships, other commitments and any and all impacts your outcome will have on the relationships with these other people.
  • What will you gain, what will you lose and what will stay the same? You can think of this in terms of money, time, relationships…
  • How will you sort our potential difficulties? Think about it, what difficulties could arise? What problems are obvious what problems are hidden?
  • Where do you want this outcome, where do you not want this outcome? In which physical locations; not at home but at the office.

Step 3

Resources and Control

  • What level of control and influence can you bring to bear as resources to attaining your outcome. You have little to zero influence of winning the lottery. You can think of this as is this achievable and how can you make it more so.
  • Do you have all the Skills, Understanding, Time and Information to realise your outcome? If you require additional information / skills / time / understandings – where can you get it from, what and where are your resources?
  • How will you overcome and barriers and hurdles?

Step 4

Do you still want this outcome?

  • So having explored, examined and gathered information and resources. Do you still want this?
  • Is getting your outcome the steps to getting something else?
  • When do you want this and what are your next steps?

If you choose to use this process for a specific outcome, run the process three times on the same outcome. Then ACT on the information you have generated. Many people know about this process but seemingly only a few actually use it – be one of those who do.

best wishes

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