How to Resourcefully respond to criticism

Criticism – Ouch what a word! The modern meaning of the word criticism often has all sorts of negative connotations associated to it.

The word Critic comes from the Roman, from the Greek and its roots actually means to make discerning decisions and judgments. Or in other words to share opinions!!

When you can resourcefully respond to criticism – you take control of your own responses and so you will be able to objectively evaluate all information and opinions expressed as criticism and then decide if they will be of value and benefit to you.

There are a few highly effective yet very simple processes that you can use so you will respond resourcefully to criticism. By attending The NLP Cafe you will learn how to

  • Manage your response to the word ‘criticism’
  • Understand the intention behind any ‘criticism’
  • Change your state so you are optimally able to listen to what is offered
  • Effectively evaluate what is offered to you
  • And Teach the strategy to Others…

The NLP Cafe in Newcastle,a North East NLP practice group, is presenting

How To Respond Resourcefully To Criticism on 16th January 2008

at St.Oswalds teaching center, Gosforth 7-9pm and just £10.00

The NLP Cafe is sponsored by IntegrityNLP, Excellent NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle

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