Humour in Language, Humour in Life

As a hypnotherapist, nlp facilitator or however you sometimes refer to yourself; as an actor in this very real game of life, a sense of humour is as I am sure you are very well aware is not only essential but one of the things that really make us human. Thats laughter and a sense of humour. It makes you feel good and its good for your health and guess what – its free!

I live in Newcastle and have done for many years and I know what with our usually superb football team, the ever rising price of petrol and the weighty volume of not so good ‘news’ that pervades our ‘news’-papers and ‘news’-programs, I with a tickling stick suggest a sense of humour is essential – laughter when it happens makes us feel really good.

Humour can radically assists during learning and often in hypnotherapy or finding an unexpected smile or even a laugh at those dark moments we sometimes meet can provide the change of state thats somehow lets you know you will get through it.

But its time to stop talking about it and have an experience. BBC Radio 4 produces as show called ‘Im Sorry I haven’t Got A Clue’. You can listen to this ticklingly humorous show.

click on this link to listen to the show

warm wishes

nigel hetherington

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