Hypnosis and Weight Loss – Like Lily Allen

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I work with many clients here in Newcastle, Hexham and in the North East to help with weight loss and to start feeling much better about body image.

There are many articles about Lily’s success with hypnosis, how she has lost weight kept it off and even enjoys going to the gym. Lily paid around £300 per hour for hypnosis and over several sessions.

If you are thinking about getting into a better shape and starting to feel better about yourself and you want to use hypnosis because its natural and drug free or because everything else you have tried to lose weight has failed then …

I can help you to help yourself to make very positive changes and unlike yo-yo dieting help you find the continued drive, attitude and honest motivation to make your changes stick.

Unlike Lily’s hypnotist I work with real people with real issues and as such don’t charge over £300 per hour. A two hour Clinical Hypnotherapy session with me costs £85 that is only around £42 per hour.

  • You want to lose weigh?
  • You want to feel better in and about yourself?
  • And you want to do it with hypnosis?

Then contact me on now

Call 0770 481 8467 or email nigel@communicatingexcellence.com

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