Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle : July-December 2013

Clinical Hypnotherapy training course in Newcastle upon Tyne to gain a hypnotherapy certification by December 2013. Receive and NLP Practitioner certification and a Clinical Hypnotherapy certification in six months.

A certified training in Clinical Hypnotherapy : Beginning July, completing in December. All for £1240. If you already have an NLP Practitioner Certificate the course is ONLY £645.

This is a complete and full training you can trust to enable you to be both competent and confident in working as a professional hypnotherapist helping your clients engender positive psychological change. In essence consciousness transformation with an accent on practical applications in the real world.

Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle

“Learn Ericksonian Hypnosis” – that’s what you said you want to do, so here’s one of the masters, Nigel Hetherington demonstrating Ericksonian Hypnosis at its finest.” – Jamie Smart author of best selling book Clarity.

Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle

  • Provides an experiential, not theoretical, but practical experienced based way to work with clients.
  • You are fully supported during your training and have full access to your training facilitator, so your questions outside of course hours can be answered via email and pier support.
  • Your course tutor, Nigel Hetherington is a very experienced facilitator and full time in practice clinical hypnotherapist since 2005.
  • This Clinical Hypnotherapy training in Newcastle is validated by world class organisations.
  • Nigel, your learning facilitator, works with real clients and offers cutting edge hypnotherapy that works.
  • This training entitles you to join several professional accreditation bodies as a full member so you have the option to have several organisational badges to add to your advertising and public credibility.

Communicating Excellence NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainings in Newcastle upon Tyne are validated with The Professional Guild of NLP, The Society of NLP, The General Hypnotherapy Register and John Grinder, Carmen Bostic StClair, Michael Carrol.

Why Train To Be A Hypnotherapist?

People like you choose to train as a hypnotherapist for a multitude of reasons. Primarily it is because of a calling to join a profession that is in the business of helping people achieve and expand who and what they are.

A few people want this because they want an additional income and whatever your personal reasons and callings are, in no small way you are training to become a process orientated professional who will be able to help and assist our fellow human beings to attain better degrees of personal freedom.

Nigel’s presence cannot not be felt, his energy proceeds incredible knowledge with the most enormous appetite to share which in inspires insatiably. Thank you for the amazing challenges you have offered and the beautiful safety you created to face them up.” – Paula McCormack author of Help Less.

During the training you will be offered advice on how to attract clients because there are so very many well skilled hypnotists that are honestly ready and competent yet are not advertising well. This is a two part process of being skilled and following a process to make a good living doing what you love. And this really does take effort and work.

The courses that promise the world and clients falling on you to make changes, like the books that promise a best seller in 21 days or less are not real. It takes time, dedication and real effort to build a full time practice.

Guaranteed ZERO RISK: If after the first two days of the training you find NLP is not for you then you can have your money back no questions asked.

Your Next Steps

Choose Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Certification Training if you don’t yet have an NLP Practitioner certification. Please note any ON-LINE certifications are not acceptable in this instance.


NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle

Your deposit is a non-refundable £150. Miss the training and you are transferred onto the next one. Balance of fees due before the training begins.

NLP Practitioner Training : Total £595

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne.

July 29-31, August 5-7, August 12-14


Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle

Your deposit is a non-refundable £150. Miss the training and you are transferred onto the next one. Balance of fees due before the training begins.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training : Total £645

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne.

September 14-15, October 12-13, November 2-3, November 30, December 1, 21-22


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