Increasing Self Esteem – Newcastle upon Tyne – September 5-6th

A Public Workshop For All People, Including Counsellors and Therapists

Do you suffer from Low Self Esteem? Do you really hate the ways you can sometimes behave?  Don’t want to stay this way forever?

This is a practical and hands on workshop where you will discover yourself how to increase your self esteem and change your life for the better.

This workshop is also designed for Counsellors, Therapists and People Helpers who are in the business of helping people with low self esteem.  Workshop is run in Newcastle upon Tyne.

This very practical, hands on workshop will teach you the three most important things you really must know about Self Esteem … Especially if you really want to increase it.

Firstly the most important thing to know and understand about Self Esteem either as a therapist or as a person who is entertaining the perception that you don’t yet have enough of it is … Exactly what Self Esteem is. Think about it! Can you honestly say you know?

The second most important thing is to accurately know what it will mean when you have it and how your life will change as a result.

And the third most important thing to know, the main topic of this workshop, specifically, how you do, in an ecologically sound way, go about getting more Self Esteem.

So … What Exactly Is Self Esteem?

This is incredibly important to know because a great many people talk about Self Esteem, saying the either have too little or even too much BUT if you don’t know how to describe it, or even what it means, how can you even know how to get more of it?

This definition of Self Esteem is clear, concise and very simple to understand.

All people behave in certain ways. All People place a value on the kinds of experiences that are important to them.

So here you are …

Self Esteem is the result of evaluating your behaviours against the kinds of experiences you value.

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These papers cover the all essential components of a healthy and high self esteem as well as an outline of a Brief Therapy therapeutic process to Increase Your Self Esteem.

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