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Before I share a very exciting and highly effective way you can both master and further develop your hypnotic language skills I want to share a short story of how this all came about.

I also would like to orientate your attention to a new and completely innovative product for learning and mastering the structure of hypnotic communications :

Hypnosis EditionLanguage Structure Mastery Cards ©

First a testimonial from Bill O Hanlon

When I teach people hypnosis, they often ask me for some script to use until they become more confident. I am opposed to scripts since each individual and hypnotic situation is unique.

Nigel Hetherington has come up with a perfectly entrancing solution-combinable cards that help generate unique hypnotic phrasing and language and helps you learn and master the patterns of hypnosis without being formulaic.

How I wish I had these when I was learning hypnosis.

Bill O’Hanlon, student of Milton H. Erickson and author of Taproots, An Uncommon Casebook, Solution-Oriented Hypnosis and A Guide to Trance Land

Now here is the story of how the Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards © came about …

Five years ago in early 2005 I created a set of Hypnosis Language Cards that were designed to help students on my Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainings obtain a rapid and deeper understanding of the Structure of Hypnotic communications. Over the past five years these cards have undergone substantial development and testing and have received more massively positive feedback that you can see below.  

The Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards developed by Nigel Hetherington exemplify the essence of NLP & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy; that there is indeed structure to the language of influence!

Integrating his background as a mathematician / computer programmer / Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer with his deep love for the “words that change”, Nigel invites us to integrate the left and right hemispheres of our own experience with specific exercises that challenge and entertain. The genius of it all is the manner in which we, as learners, are encouraged to co-create hypnotic language patterns of our own, such that every time you play these learning games, the experience is as new and different as the first time you open up the set! Enjoy!

Michael DeMolina, MS, LPC, Psychotherapist, NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer ( Alaska )

In 2001 I literally devoted all of my spare time to learning hypnosis yet specifically, working as a software designer and mathematician ( who hates formulas ) I was really drawn to the structure or the foundational principles that glued hypnotic communications together. I read every book and script I could get my hands on. I wrote thousands of pages of Hypnosis Language Patterns. I listened to tapes, CD’s and watched hundreds of hours of video and DVD’s.  Hypnosis and NLP honestly became my life and passion. It literally spoke to me.

I recall in October 2003 being on holiday in Spain having recently enrolled on an NLP Practitioner course. I had already enjoyed two years of NLP Introductions and other personal development courses and products. And at that time, in Xavia, I was reading the Structure Of Magic ( Bandler and Grinder ) and was in love with the Meta Model. The labels meant nothing yet at the same time the structure and deep structure touched me in ways that literally opened up new and different ways to Communicate with myself and with others. This was also the time I was reading ‘Patterns One; The ‘Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton Erickson’ ( Bandler and Grinder ) and I was seeing life and new possibilities opening up in a very different way. I recall my then partner saying to me “You love Hypnosis and NLP more than me!”

Having trained with Nigel and then with Christina Hall I believed I had a very clear understanding and fluency of hypnotic language…..that was until I received and played with the Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards.

Since training in both NLP and Hypnosis I’ve been recording relaxation audios with a favourable response and once I played with the cards I created a few more. I’m overwhelmed by the response of my new recordings and the difference is without doubt the deep embedment of language through the use of these cards.

Furthermore it’s opened up new ways of coaching clients that have expanded my fluency with precision. The shifts my clients are making are immediate and highly sustainable. And the ‘piece de resistance’ is that it all comes at a time when I’m writing my first book – I’ll let your imagination guide you to how that will transpire. I have no doubt it will be a best-seller in its field and all because…..

With a background in NLP or Hypnosis these cards is a must to expand your resources without effort. And if you have a background in any kind of therapy they are essential should you want to cut straight through the ‘story’ of the client and get deep within minutes. As a rapport tool this second to none.

Paula McCormack – The UK’s Social Leader Coach

This was very true and I realised then I was following my bliss.

A testimonial from Andy Smith – Emotional Intelligence Guru

Brilliant, and an entirely original idea

It’s not often that an entirely new idea comes along in the field of NLP training aids, but this is one.

Unlike most NLP card sets, the Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards don’t bother with trying to double as playing cards. This is a relief – as both a trainer and a participant, I always found that trying to play a card game (as recommended by, for example, Zebu and Salad cards) just got in the way of learning language patterns.

Instead, the Language Structure cards (as I’ll call them from now on) consist of hypnotic phrases, connecting words, and various kinds of qualifying, intensifying and time denoting phrases. The student uses the cards by first laying them out in patterns which are structured, but random as regards content. These patterns are simple to start with, but can become increasingly complex as more categories of phrases are added in.

The learning takes place as the student reads the cards aloud, in a hypnotic tonality – backwards! If the cards are laid out in a matrix structure, they can be read forwards, backwards, up, or down. In this way the student picks up the structure of hypnotic language – essentially phrases linked by conjunctions and qualifiers – without getting bogged down in choosing what to say for the content.

Another nice thing about these cards is that on the (surprisingly rare) occasions where the resulting sentences don’t make sense on the page (as it were), the student gains practice in pacing and pausing the vocal delivery to make it sound as the language patterns make sense.

The analogy that springs to mind is of a musician practicing scales. It’s not the finished work, but the practice is familiarising the performer with the structure of music, and getting skills into the muscle, unconsciously, to free up the conscious mind to concentrate on the meaning and emotional content of the finished performance.

These cards are a great idea (one I wish I’d had) and should be in the toolkit of every trainer teaching Ericksonian hypnosis and the Milton Model.

Andy Smith – Manchester Emotional Intelligence

So … following on … I resigned from my software developer job in 2005 and launched my company Communicating Excellence. I was then and am now following my calling in facilitating the totally positive and life enhancing art and science of NLP and Clinical Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. One of the major aspects of this kind of change work and facilitation is very naturally language, and this is of course Hypnotic Language – The Language of Influence and Change.

What I have created with the help and assistance of all my students and peers over this last five years is different to anything else out there and is a very simple and particularly easy way to rapidly master and use hypnotic communications. It is designed to totally condense and rapidly accelerate your learning and your ongoing mastery process of hypnotic language.

I want to say, deepest thanks and gratitude to all my students, friends and peers who have greatly assisted in the development and thorough testing of the Communicating Excellence :

Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards ©

This Product Produces Amazing Results:

  • By being a game that teaches hypnosis language structure primarily to your unconscious mind.
  • Because it is innovative, entirely original being a proven way to faster master hypnotic language.
  • As it creates a multi-sensory and patterned experience making you master the deeper structures of hypnotic language quicker.
  • Because it is a totally portable system and fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere with you!
  • By being simple, fun and exceptionally easy to use.

What You Will Easily Learn And Master:

  • How to Deliver your Hypnotic Suggestions with an increasing Grace and Fluency.
  • How to Spontaneously talk and produce The Language of Trance.
  • How to Use Your Voice and Intonations to Create Trance.
  • How to Really … Pace … all of your Hypnotic Communications.
  • How to Continue to Talk Trance for as long a time period as you Desire.

What You Will Gain Through Using This Product:

  • A deeper confidence in Hypnotic Communications.
  • Mastery of the Structure of Hypnotic Communications.
  • The ability to ‘talk trance’ without scripts or notes.
  • To generate powerful, effective and spontaneous Trance Language.

A Testimonial from Master Hypnotherapist Alan Jones

The Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards produced by Communication Excellence is one of the most user friendly and amazingly flexible training aids in developing your hypnotic language skills.

The cards come in a neat box making them easy to take anywhere.  The cards themselves are a delight to play with and their very useful colour coding makes it easy put the cards into their right categories after use ready to use again and again.

A great deal of thought has gone into their development and because the focus is on developing your hypnotic language skills they deliver quick mastery.  The other thing about them is they are fun to use which makes learning surprisingly ease and effortless.  A masterful product by a master trainer.

Alan Jones – Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer

So if you do really want to Master Hypnotic Communication quickly and easily here is your invitation to further develop and Master your hypnotic communications by ordering your set of Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards ©.

Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards ©

  • 100 Individual Language Pattern Cards with literally Millions of Possible Structural Combinations
  • 6 Categories of Colour Coded Hypnosis Word Types
  • 2 Sets of Hypnosis Stock Phrases
  • Very Simple and Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Only £23 plus Post and Packaging

The ‘Hypnosis EditionLanguage Structure Mastery Cards © Are a snip at £23 plus p&p and guaranteed to assist you to mastery of Hypnosis Language Structure. Act now and purchase these cards so you can more easily master hypnosis language structure.

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