Newcastle Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Introduction course

Communicating Excellence is again running a two day introduction to the beneficial uses of hypnosis – please note this is not stage hypnosis! This is about using hypnosis to benefit yourself and others.


This workshop will concentrate on how to use hypnosis for beneficial change work and entering states of relaxation for the purposes of meditation, healing, deep relaxation and stress elimination.

The workshop will run over two days where day 1 concentrates on the fundamental skills and day two really puts these skills to practical uses.

The two days will be about doing hypnosis so this means the days will mostly consist of practical exercises with short feedback sessions. Participants will receive a comprehensive set of course notes.

If you want to experience hypnotic states, trance and have the experiences hypnosis and hypnotising others then this is an excellent way to transform your wishes into reality.

Who is this workshop for?

This is for anyone who is interested in discovering and experiencing what hypnosis is about and what you can do with it. Ideal for the healing and helping professions, self development and a great place to start if you are thinking about pursuing a more advanced hypnotherapy qualification.

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