Newcastle Hypnotherapy Training – Generative Trance

NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle and North East is the foundation requirement to Clinical Hypnotherapy training in Newcastle. Newcastle NLP Practitioner gives a sound basis in interpersonal rapport and relationships, respecting and moving in to other peoples world views.

This clip is from Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Training in December 2012. This is a process from Dr Stephen Gilligan, part of a body of work he created known as Generative Trance. Posing the current situation which is problematic, the form of this exercise is : “I want to do X but do Z instead”. One of the ideas here for our work together is to take physical forms of each ‘state’/’part’/’behaviour’ and in trance move between the two.

Your NLP Practitioner will train you how to work more at a level of process when you are involved in applying NLP and when you are applying 1:1 change work interventions. In preparation for later clinical hypnotherapy training here in Newcastle and as an integral part of the NLP Practitioner training, one module concentrates on hypnotic language and hypnosis Newcastle applications.

NLP Practitioner Training 18 days January – June : 18 days @ £595
click here for full details currently just 3 places available – FULLY BOOKED

NLP Practitioner Training 9 days April 2013 @ £595
click here for full details currently 15 places available

Clinical Hypnotherapy ( requires NLP Practitioner training ) 10 days August – December : 10 days @ £595
click here for full details

You trainings with Communicating Excellence and Nigel Hetherington are recognised and validated trainings and easily accessible for NLP Practitioner Durham | NLP Practitioner Darlington | NLP Practitioner Teesside or anywhere within Northumberland. Following on your training Newcastle Hypnosis training begins 2013 in August. One weekend per month until December 2013. Discover more about Newcastle Hypnotherapy.

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