NLP Demyistified – Model of The World

Lets for a moment pretend there is ‘a one‘ reality. A gargantuan leap into the improbable, I know. But stay with me on this one.

So we have this ‘one reality’, we, being humans, have uniquely individual ways in which we perceive and sense reality. Biologically we all have eyes but we don’t see exactly the same things. We have limited range sensory apparatus. The human eye works within a specific frequency of light.

So as an anology ‘Model of the World’ is like beliefs and values but it is much more expansive. The word model suggests its not quite true, not quite reality.

We have ideas, thoughts, wants, needs, compulsions, attention spans and wishes that are not exactly the same as anyone else’s. All of these, a combination of our unique physical, neurological and our life experiences ‘colour’ both what, how and the meanings we make in order to perceive and act in our own unique reality.

This is unique to everyone, so that’s the ‘model of the world’.

Look at this video to catch glimpses of two unique models of the world in action. If you can, stay out of the content and look and listen out for ‘models of the world’.

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