NLP Demystified – Beliefs & Values

The purpose of this topic is to be an ongoing series of posts that attempts to demystify some of the esoteric and obscure terminology in NLP. It may also serve as a way for NLP’ ers to talk to other humans about the intrinsic concepts of NLP so other non- NLP’ ers may understand more easily.

Beliefs and Values

What follows is a short film clip. In 1968 Jane Elliot undertook a brilliant experiential exercise with her class room students.

What is particularly useful in our context here of demystification, is the different levels, interactions and formation ( as well as challenges ) to beliefs and values.

Elliot undertook this approach because she realised it was imperative to “not just talk about” but to “… deal with in a concrete way … ” The issue she was addressing. This is an excellent example of Elliots beliefs and values in action.

Also look out for the children’s beliefs and values in action, watch ( calibrate ) their responses.

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So one definition of Belief is ‘something that is currently deemed true’, through past cultural, parental, teachings and personal experience conditioning resulting in expectations yet often, though not always lacking substantive evidence.

eg Its unlucky to walk under ladders, All Geordies wear flat caps and have a Whippet.

One definitions of Value is ‘something important’ on a physical ( experiential ) or ideological / moral ( mental ) basis. Values are contextual and like beliefs may be the results of past cultural, parental, teachings and personal experience conditioning

eg Honesty is good, Rock and Roll is Evil

But do think what you want it is after all up to you [ spot the values and beliefs? ]


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