NLP Eye Movement Integration

Our North East NLP Practitioner Training is particularly focused on participants learning and developing ways to apply NLP in real world situations.  As training facilitators we are committed to participants having not just the NLP tools but the accompanying skill sets so you can and do change your life for the better.

Many people throughout their life have experienced trauma to some extent or another. Our NLP Practitioner training offers many ways to change the emotional response to traumatic memories and events from your past. One of the methods we share with NLP Practitioner participants is NLP Eye Movement Integration ( EMI ), developed by Steve Andreas. EMI is one of the most effective and content free interventions around to date.

Integrity NLP and Communicating Excellence also run a one day training course called Simple Trauma Elimination Process ( STEP ™ ) for practising therapists and health care professionals. STEP training delivers immediately useful and process orientated tools in both NLP Eye Movement Integration and Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT ).

Here Nigel Hetherington demonstrates Steve Andreas’s excellent NLP Eye Movement Integration process during an NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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