NLP Framing and 'hot emotional transfer'

The currently popular media doom and gloom of the depression recession is without doubt the one headline that almost all the media, politicians and Dr’s of spin are stoking, milking and utilising to sell and make their cases. It is the current MASSIVE and HOT topic.

Many many people are worried about the very bad ‘news’ the media is incessantly hyping ( well it does make for grim viewing, does it not ), the  future economic status and as well many people are feeling the cash effects ( part media driven? ) of the so called ‘sub prime loans’ and ‘credit crunch’ knock on effect.

The ‘credit crunch’ is in the global mind set at the moment and by Jove what an emotionally charged, very real concept to piggy back and hitch a ride on. This is what I call current ‘hot emotional transfer’.

The Earth’s present and future ecology, a genuine subject for most of us now and certainly our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and … … and what way to bring back illumination and emotion right on to the eco stage? … how about piggy backing ‘eco’ warnings onto this current hot and tight topic ‘credit crunch’.

A BBC internet news article carries the title

Earth on course for eco ‘crunch’

to read the full article click here

eco ‘crunch’ is now loaded with all the emotion and current reality of the ‘credit crunch. A pretty stark warning, strong move-away and a call for proactive effort within its current ‘crunch’ frame.

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