NLP Introduction Course Newcastle North East – June 19-20

Neuro linguistic Programming or NLP is a time proven and neurologically based way to honestly learn how to change how you feel and get more of what you want in life. IntegrityNLP and Communicating Excellence offer the best quality of training in NLP in the North of England.

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“My expectations were all met extremely well. All of the exercises were extremely well delivered. I found it helpful the way the training was delivered with fun and enthusiasm.”

Donna – Project Co-Ordinator

You could have heard all sorts of claims about NLP. That it’s a way of developing advanced communicating skills, influencing people, achieving your goals, managing individuals and groups, avoiding the things that you don’t want and getting much more of what you do and so on.

You may have heard about the ‘Learn NLP in 7 Days’ programs. In our opinion these simply do not work. We offer NLP Practitioner training over six months or ten months where you will fully learn through practice and application over time how to master NLP and apply these powerful skills to yourself and others.

If you are curios about learning NLP and want to know how to feel the way you want more of the time, develop extremely effective communication skills and have a lot of fun learning then you are invited to attend out NLP Introduction training on June 19-20.

NLP Introduction training on June 19-20 – Cost £95

A full weekend where all of the NLP principles, tools, techniques and process are explored through structured exercises and experiential learning. Two complete days NLP training in Newcastle and the cost of the introduction training is deducted from NLP Practitioner training for those who choose to go on to do the NLP Practitioner course. A really excellent way to discover the magic of NLP for a very low cost.

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