NLP Master Practitioner Newcastle North East England

The emphasis on my NLP Master Practitioner training is two fold, namely, Practising Mastery and Mastering Practice.

The Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner training is all about Modelling and Practising the Mastery of your NLP Practitioner skills and techniques. NLP by its co-creators Grinder and Bandler has been said to be about the technology of how NLP techniques came about:

That is finding and discovering how the best in their field do what they do and learning to copy or replicate their skills in some systematic way. This is one description of the process of NLP Modelling which is the core activity of NLP.

Here is a video of Tim Ferris ( who has nothing to do with NLP ) giving a captivating descriptions about aquiring skills that make a difference, a real difference!

Applied NLP modelling – that is ‘Natural Modelling’ and ‘Cognitive Modelling’ combined are the focus and application of your modelling project. This is how to assimilate skills that You Can Use to transform your life and way of living. You wont become the people who you model or necessarily have their success, yet you can assimilate their skills so You Can Become More Of Who You Want To Be.

Recent modelling projects have included :

  • Captivating An Audience – As A Very Successful Radio DJ
  • Learning Like A Child – Dancing
  • Hands On Facial Release – Bowen Technique
  • The Gestures and Expressions of Barack Obama

What would you like to Learn and Master in a very short period of time that will honestly enhance your life?

The next Communicating Excellence NLP Master Practitioner – for NLP Practitioners begins in September 2010.

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