NLP Practice Group in Newcastle and the North East

There are plenty of Training organisations in the North East of England running various NLP trainings. Some excellent training providers, like StillPointSolutions offer excellent shorter courses and others like myself with IntegrityNLP offer longer courses.

Whichever course duration you have chosen to be best for you, we have at least one thing in common and that is the wonders and immeasurable opportunity’s developing our NLP skills opens up for us.

When I was studying for my NLP practitioner course I really enjoyed the extra opportunity to practice my NLP skills with a group of like minded people.

Our NLP Practice Group, The NLP Cafe is a structured, so you know in advance what process will be demonstrated on the night and its well supervised by experienced trainers who demonstrate the process first.

The NLP Cafe meets on the third Tuesday of the month to practice NLP and we meet on the first Wednesday of the month to practice hypnotherapy at The Trance Cafe.

Our practice groups are open to all practitioners, master practitioners and anyone who is currently studying for an NLP practitioner certificate.

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