NLP State change – Bronson Style

If you already have some NLP knowledge and experience you might have tumbled that a great deal of NLP is about changing states.  You can package it and repackage it, call it new names ( 4G super nlp, XXX-code, i-nlp ) you get the picture right!

Sometimes I like to read books for the hell of it. One such book was Charles Bronsons Autobiography.  A very interesting read to say the least.  Bronson is one of the UK most securely held prisoners.

One part of the book tells us how Bronson ‘calms’ himself down.  He does this by putting his head in very cold water and keeping it there for as long as he can.

Now if anyone has every tried this and I have, the state shift is really quite dramatic. I can also vouch for the mammalian diving reflex!  All precautions for you own safety should you try this as I have been told you can drown in a teaspoon of water!

Anyroad, so how could this be used?

one class of examples is pattern interruption.

If you are stopping smoking and you are doing pretty good but you get a craving and it builds and builds…

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