NLP State Elicitation – Part One

On the Newcastle NLP Training course, Nigel Hetherington uses parts of his Clean Therapy tm model to elicit and install states through emergent metaphor and physical intervention.

This North East NLP Practitioner training also includes Clean Language ( the work of the late David Grove ) and aspects of Symbolic Modelling ( the work of Penny Tompkins and James Lawley )

Clean Therapy is a provocative, opportunistic and humanistic approach to change. This is a process oriented methodology to creating and engendering change with clients and yourself.  The basic variables involved are time, space and ‘logical’ categories.  The level of work involved can be defined as pseudo ‘real’ or ‘metaphorical’.  All problems are shuffled to a higher or metaphorical level where the usual conscious mind processes are quite literally disengaged.


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