Reciprocal Links With Other Therapists – Necessarily Bad Business Sense?

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There has for me been a noticeable increase in email this month from hypnotherapists inviting me to link to their site and in return offering to link back to my site.

This is of course an interesting proposal, swapping a link for a link … maybe Communicating Excellence and Nigel Hetherington Clinical Hypnotherapist climbing higher in the google search engines … too good to be true?

Well as a therapist possibly considering emailing a freshly harvested list of other therapists from the many watering holes on the internet with goal of link swapping, consider what is implied when you invite someone to swap a link?

You are to all intents and purpose endorsing the person you link to … you are putting your well earned reputation on the line.

I will only swap links with people who I know are particularly competent therapists because by way of swapping a link, this therapist becomes my personal recommendation.

I invite you to carefully consider with whom you may or may not swap links because for one, all qualified therapist are not equal. All trainings are not equal. I have met way too many ‘qualified’ hypnotherapists that are only just about good enough for reading a script from a book to their clients. Could be this is the very person who wants to swap a link with you?

Reciprocal Links with Therapists – Not Necessarily Bad Business Sense?

Well all things considered my proposal is for you to reject link swapping emails should you receive them. Politely decline these invitations or save time and mark them as SPAM. A well earned reputation is really worth preserving and you know your behaviours indicate your values … protect the public and your well earned reputation.

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