Self Hypnosis – To Extreme

Space Cowboy Sword SwallowingImage by GregTheBusker via Flickr

Here is a hillarious article from the Sun, thanks to my good friend Steve Austin for this one!

A SWORD swallowing hypnotist put himself in a trance for FIVE hours after practising in front of a mirror.

Helmut Kirchmeier was found in the hypnotised state by his shocked wife Joanna at their home in London.

She had to call a mentor of her husband’s to talk him round over the phone.

Joanna said: “I was really shocked when I found him, he was just like a zombie staring at himself in the mirror. His pupils had gone really small, which is a sign of someone under hypnosis.”

The hypnotist also known as Hannibal Helmurto became transfixed after looking into the mirror.

Read the whole article here.

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