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hypnotherapy and nlp alike are subjects that are demonstrated by doing. They can both be made into theoretical talks but this is not their essence. If you just talk about them and don’t embody them by doing then the talk doesn’t match the walk. Incongruence.

Self Application, and I agree with Grinder on this one, is crucial in a nlp or for that matter a hypnotherapy trainer.

Here in Newcastle there is a potentially great football team and there has been for many years. For many reasons, lets make some up, lack of team spirit, insufficient strong leadership, lack of commitment owen to other reasons; the list could go on.

Now big Sam is here in Newcastle coaching and he is out to make his mark. He is making big changes at the club. After all if what you are doing isn’t working then do something ( anything ) else, lets hope and anticipate something wonderful happens.

Self applying NLP is as hard or as easy as you make it. Trust me it is. Here is a absurdly simple change process to run on yourself for either those old problem states and behaviours or to really enhance and tune up all these really great ones you have now

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