The Stress Response in the UK

There are a great many hypnotherapy and NLP processes to alleviate stress and on our Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma course and NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner you can learn them all.

A particularly insightful article on the BBC web site shares some opinions from professor of organisational psychology and health Cary Cooper claiming excessive drinking is a manifestation of stress and that stress is caused by the long hours culture in this country.
Perhaps the even better option is the realisation that you are responsible for how you respond to the very real pressures of life.  If the best choice, the best way to deal with stress is to get blasted drunk then perhaps it time to create better choices.

Several years ago I worked for a small newcastle based software firm.  After several years of working really hard and putting in long hours I made a decision to only work the hours I was paid for.  OK I know it might sound strange that I worked many many hours more than I was paid for, but believe it I LOVED my job, until very unrealistic demands were repeatedly made both overtly and covertly and it kept happening.

There came a point though when I thought why am I doing this?  What do I want to do instead, what sort of job will I really love to do? I began coming in early and leaving early at work, always working my paid hours but no more.  This was ‘unofficially’ disliked and discouraged behaviour. I left at 4pm on the dot and I knew my bosses did not approve.

Only working my paid hours give me significant extra time to do the things that really mattered to me.  I felt so comfortable and relaxed.  Its about getting the work life balance, and than for most people means work to live.

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