Trauma Resolution Workshop For Counsellors and Therapists – February 6-7 Newcastle upon Tyne

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This workshop by Nigel Hetherington is based on NLP and Eye Movement Integration ( Created and developed by Steve and Connirae Andreas ). It is taking place in Newcastle upon Tyne and includes generative elements of ‘hypnosis.’

Eye Movement Integration is a very brief and content free process for resolving psychological traumas such as PTSD, intrusive memories, shame, guilt and other kinds undesirable emotional and identity imprints.

All Coaches, Therapist and Change Professionals will naturally deal with client trauma, blocks and problematic emotional states. EMI – Eye Movement Integration is a virtually content free process that again and again successfully deals with such issues. EMI can also be used to generate resource states which can be coupled to attaining client outcomes.

Once the Trauma imprint is dissolved where does you client want to go? Successful therapy and coaching is essentially two part. Eliminating blocks, stuck states and problematic emotional imprints and then assisting your client to generate the resources, deep desire and motivation to move towards their goals. This Newcastle based training by Nigel Hetherington in NLP, Hypnosis, EMI and Generative Change will deliver a full change process to do just this.

This two day weekend workshop is designed for Clinicians, Therapists, Counsellors,  Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Police and all People Helpers who can then use these process based neurological methods to assist their clients neutralise traumatic memories and move into much more resourceful states.

February 6-7 Newcastle upon Tyne : Gosforth

Full Workshop Details – Click Here

To pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to Communicating Excellence and post to Communicating Excellence, PO Box 238, Morpeth, NE61 9BS

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