Advanced Hypnotherapy Weekend : April 16-17

This is a stand alone module for experienced hypnotherapists and people who work with clients in a therapeutic mode.

Over two days we will be exploring and practising the kinds of tools that will enhance your skill sets and offer ways of improving future pacing. Combining neurology, psychology and linguistic skills with the intention of being more adept change workers.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle upon Tyne

Drawing on my 1:1 work with Michael Perez and aspects from Michaels Neuron Code training we will understand the basics of memory consolidation and how to utilise this within change process.

We will learn and operationalise Double Binds in hypnosis. Learning and understanding the terminology and applications within hypnosis.

Finally incorporating ideas from Spiral Dynamics to enhance how we use future pacing with clients to help and assist in the shaping of the futures and outcomes they effortfully wish to create.

Two days of enhancing training is £125 and there are four places currently available.

Jesmond Dene Conference Centre.

Use the button below to secure your place.

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