Master Practitioner in NLP Newcastle

When I participated in my first NLP practitioner I really didn’t know what to expect or what I was letting myself in for. Yes I had really enjoyed a couple of NLP introduction courses but I really didn’t know. The frame of not knowing or even anticipating, still to me is one of incredible freshness in opportunities.

Completing that first NLP practitioner left me with so many questions and so much curiosity that my only question was when can I do the Master Practitioner?

NLP Master Practitioner Newcastle

During that first practitioner, what I learned through experience in the course as well as an obsessional amount of extra curricular reading and practice with my fellow travellers was life changing. I reflect back on this time now with sincere gratitude because for me there were so very many doors opened to realising, at that time my limited perspectives and how I can choose to explore.

One of my favourite teachers in Buddhism is Robert Thurman. Something I heard him say recently goes something like this ”even if you know the teaching, you should listen like you are learning something new, for the first time” and this is so relevant to actual learning. If we think we know it, there is the potential to gloss over and miss some new and deep insight.

There is a interstellar gulf between intellectual knowing and the kind of real knowledge that comes from experience and even then is only relevant in any one moment. This is the essence of wisdom. One is something we can talk about, for instance meditation and something we can communicate that makes a real difference, like someone who has engaged and discovered what meditation can actually bring forth.

So back to NLP Master Practitioner training

What I loved was the opportunity to really and more deeply understand the fundamentals of nlp interventions as well as one form of modelling. In this instance, analytical modelling which is a very useful skill. This involves questioning the exemplar and exploring their beliefs and values to ‘create’ a thought process which one can attempt to turn into a set of steps.

There are other ways of modelling which imo are far better suited to acquiring an embodied skill set such as deep trance identification or what is called unconscious physicalised uptake. These methods bypass verbal descriptions. In actuality all of these methods can complement each other.

By far the most important experiences I had were gaining deeper and more influential methods to expand my own world views as well as being able to engage with others, understanding deep motivations with behavioural and thinking structures. This was formative in my decision to become a therapist and change facilitator. It also lead to a big career change, but that is another story.

NLP Master Practitioner beginning September 2016

This coming September I am running an NLP Master Practitioner training in Newcastle. The training is 10 days over five months, one weekend per month.

There will be ample opportunities to deepen and broaden your NLP skills as well as lots of new material not taught on the NLP Practitioner training. This includes Meta Programs, Patterns of Reformulation and Modelling.

Want to find out more? You can discover a little about the course content by clicking here.

Booking is open now. There is £150 non-refundable deposit and the total cost of 10 days training is £695. The training is weekends only.





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