Change Your Life And Get A New Career In 2010

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Time!  How Much Have You Got?
Do you want to learn and embody the skills to create a new life, new beginning and a new career! NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle upon Tyne. Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Newcastle upon Tyne : Beginning January 2010


Time is always an issue to be ignored, when you are in the moment and something you can utilise when you need to plan you life, futures and successes

This coming January, traditionally a time for New Resolutions backed up by Action …

NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training begins a fresh in 2010 …

The six month fully certified NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training begins January 2010. NLP Training is certified by The Professional Guild Of NLP with optional additional Society of NLP certification. Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma is certified by The General Hypnotherapy Registrar.

If you want to embark on this Life changing journey beginning January 22nd 2010 … Look here and see the full course details

NLP Practitioner – January – June

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma – January – December

Are you ready to book your place yet?

The Clinical Hypnotherapy course was, for me, the perfect guide to help me to take what I’d learned whilst doing my N.L.P. practitioner cert and apply it practically. Very quickly, the course guided us through a host of useful techniques and processes to help us create change within our clients whilst at the same time it allowed us to see just how much we already knew. It was a great confidence booster for everyone.

I’d firmly recommend this course to anyone who is seriously considering doing something with the skills they have.

Gordon Smith – Clinical Hypnotherapist 2009

Whether you want to start a new career or just totally improve your live, Click on either of the above links to Book Your Place, Start running your own brain and Change Your Life For The Better.

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