NLP Trainer Training – 2010

The Next Step in the Mastery Journey – Trainer Training with Dr Christina Hall

Some exciting news… For people considering the next step in your NLP adventure …

Thought in this instance you really need to want to do an NLP Trainer Training!

Structurally in terms of breath and depth, the bestest, NLP Trainer Training ( I have done a few ) I have experienced is with Dr. Christina Hall. And … If you are considering doing any NLP trainer trainer this coming year then consider this … yet if you want ( IMO ) to do the best you can … stop considering and ACT … It is expensive … it costs nearly 4k … and for me ( as well as Jamie Smart ) it totally changed how we deliver training.

So …  My friend Jamie Smart of Salad has an amazing offer for you to take the next step in the journey of NLP mastery…

In February, Jamie is hosting NLP Trainer Training with Dr Christina Hall and has a special offer exclusively for my readers…

This is going to be a life changing training for the people on the course, and many thousands of people who will benefit from what you’ll learn and master.

Christina is simply amazing and this is an opportunity not to be missed at all.

She’s a language expert – really rocks at teaching the language of NLP and all that encompasses. She’s awesome, and one of the nicest and most congruent people I know, and by far the best trainer, with a great heart and a delight to be around.
She’s been training for over 25 years, collaborating with Richard Bandler who made her the Meta Master Trainer of NLP and she was instrumental in creating the Sleight of Mouth Patterns.

Whether you already know you want to be a Trainer, or you want to explore what it might make possible for you, now is a great time to have that conversation.
It won’t be for everyone, but if it is, then this decision will make 2010 the most amazing year ever.

You can either call Nikki (Jamie’s right-hand ‘man’) directly on 07957 119 013, or book online here:

There’s an early booking discount which expires on 31st December which I don’t want you to miss out on, with a saving of £300. If you book before this time, and mention me when you make your booking, then Jamie is going to go one step further and offer you your choice of a salad product!

Here’s the details in short:

•           14 day training with Dr. Christina Hall
•           Module 1: 1st – 7th February, 2010
•           Module 2: 5th – 11th July, 2010
•           Location: Holiday Inn, Leicester City Centre, UK

Maximum – 25 people on the course

But you can read full details and book your place here:

Full price – £3997 + Vat

Early Salad Tribe Offer Price – £3697 + Vat if you register before 1st January

You can register and book online or call office on 0845 650 1045 or call Nikki directly on 07957 119 013

Prerequisites: Need to be at Master Practitioner level to attend

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