Changing Your State with NLP : Cloud Process

States are created inside people. The way we respond to external or internal ( memories ) stimulus and events often determines the way we feel. There is literally no fine line between elicitation and installation. This is an installation and emergent – directed metaphor process.

Research indicates that 80% of what we see is created in the brain … it is what we see, either real time or memories that drive feelings. This is great news! Because by running your own brain you can massively influence how you feel.

NLP application is about running your own brain / neurology to create the stimulus to influence how you feel. How you feel, like motivation and desire to change your situation to something more beneficial is our human birth right.

This is a demonstration from the Communicating Excellence NLP Practitioner Training of how you can by using your internal memories with metaphoric and emergent installation techniques to CHANGE HOW YOU FEEL using only your own brain.

The excellent Cloud Process is a kind of directed and emergent metaphor. The Could Technique is designed by Kevin Creedon.

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