Serious email problems with UK2 The Worst Service Provider In The World?

Apologies if you have emailed me in the last two three four EIGHT days.

The service provider I use UK2 has been experiencing severe technical difficulties for the last week, very poor access to email, which seems to have culminated in the total break down of the servers and service I use to receive email.

Once again, apologies if I haven’t answered your emails from the last two three four EIGHT days it is because I have not received them in my POP account.

The UK2 technical support department, despite numerous emails from me, are not responding to emails. Sadly a not unusual response from UK2 technical support.

I have had two problems with UK2 following on from their disastrous email migration. I have resolved them after FIFTEEN days.

POP access. A simple fix ( for me )
My web mail works fine, yet the POP was logging in fine though reporting no new emails.
I had the incoming server set as
change to

Sub-Websites not working … well uk2 managed to re-write all my index.html files. Use you back up to re-upload your index.html

By the way, it seems that the replies from UK2 technical support ( when they actually reply ) are not going ( at least to my ) to your selected ‘support’ email address, they are only available on their web site.

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