Double Hypnosis Induction – Left Brain Right Brain

One of the models used in Clinical Hypnosis is called analogue marking. Analogue marking is useful in splitting out instruction and suggestions in hypnosis because the brain hemispheres process language in different ways. To give direct instructions without to much conscious language processing the model indicates to speak in the left ear.

This model is that the non-dominant brain hemisphere operates in a more holistic and metaphorical way than the so called dominant brain hemisphere, where the language and linguistic brain specialisations are located.

Clinical Hypnosis training or any training and learning really do need to be fun and engaging. Fun and engaging training produces a delightful brain bath of chemicals that promote learning and long term recall.  Training must be fun!

This introduction to a hypnosis double induction is filmed at Communicating Excellence Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training. Next Hypnosis training begins in Newcastle upon Tyne January 2010.

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